Tips when moving into your new home

Moving home is one of the most exciting times of your life, of that there is no doubt. Whether it’s your first house, or your seventh, it is still a wonderful time full of new possibilities with new memories to be made. But whilst it is filled with excitement and joy, it can also be a time of stress and huge expense so minimising these negatives can improve the process immeasurably.

It is likely that friends and family will all have their own list of advice for you, with their top tips, but trying to collate them all, wheedle out the pointers you don’t agree with and decide whose opinion you trust can be a lengthy process. Sometimes, it is easier to trust independent sources who have a whole different level of experience in all things house-related.

Take a look to read our top tips when moving into your new home…

Lists and labels

It’s really easy to think you will remember where you’ve put everything. After all, you are packing up a home you’ve lived in for years, where you have always known exactly where everything is. But there is an awful lot to remember when moving house. Things will get thrown into boxes which no logic or sense if you aren’t really vigilant so it is extremely worthwhile to take an extra bit of time to properly label everything as well as make lists of where things are, what needs to be done with them and so on. That way, when it comes to settling in, the long process of unpacking and organising becomes that bit easier.

Do your research

When you have a ‘To Do’ list as long as your arm, you could be forgiven for wanting to purchase the first thing you see which sort of matches your requirements. But you’ll be kicking yourself a few months down the line when you see something which would have suited your space far better at a much lower cost. So take a bit of time to shop around, particularly online and particularly for items which you won’t want to change anytime soon such as your internal doors. Retailers such as Online Door Store carry a huge range of options and offer great value for money that you might not find in your local DIY store. It’s worth taking a look around the internet for the bigger items you need to make sure you get the right one for you.

Under pressure

This is easier said that done but try not to put too much pressure on yourself – things won’t be perfect straightaway and that’s ok! There is nothing wrong with being motivated but when it comes at the expense of any free time to relax or at the expense of your mental health, it’s simply not worth it. If it helps, create a schedule of when you want certain things doing but make sure you build in some contingency time as issues can crop up when you least expect them! Be kind to yourselves and focus on what you have completed rather than what you have not to keep yourself going.

Try to enjoy the process as much as you possibly can because it really is a wonderfully exciting time. Just make sure you keep your stress levels at a minimum by being as organised as you can and trying not to do too much too quickly!

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