Wall Art For A New Home

I hope to move in 2021 so will be looking for wall art for a new home if all goes according to plan. I think back to my childhood and cannot remember any art when I was little. I do remember my  Auntie had a well-known retro print of a certain lady. Wall art came into my life when someone painted a picture of a watermill for my mum. That inspired my Dad who took up painting. He liked to depict boats and planes but also did a set of paintings of the four seasons.

Student days

When I became a student, I was thrilled to express my individual taste in my room from Michael Hutchence posters to Flaming June by Sir Frederick Leighton. The girl I shared with put African material on the walls next to Andy Warhol posters so you could say we had quite eclectic tastes. I loved how every student room was slightly different with some choosing to display loads of photographs and others to make political statements via wall art. It sounds daft but when I think of college peers I nearly always remember what they had on their walls.


Family home

When I set up home with my husband we did a lot of car booting often finding great bargains like canvas prints of seascapes. I think I also had the poem “Don’t Quit” on the lounge wall at some point as we struggled with  job losses and money issues. Wall art can be food for the soul in challenging times. My husband  got 2 prints of aeroplanes showing his background in the Royal Air Force.

Moving on

Sadly when I had to move for the sake of my children’s education, my husband decided he would prefer to live overseas. So it is time for me to find a settled place to live with more space than we have currently. I am a fan of nudes and got one for my 50th birthday. So I may well choose art prints with that bit of a cheeky air. I quite like the idea of having lots of inspirational sayings throughout the house. Starting over needs strength and quotes can give you that.

What would you choose to put on your walls in a new home?

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