Good reasons to consult an immigration solicitor

I have a law degree and spent many years working in advice agencies. I was consulted on many topics such as housing, welfare benefits, debt and relationship issues. There were two topics I hated dealing with. One was pensions. The other was immigration. To be honest if you have an issue around that last one, I can think of lots of good reasons to consult an immigration solicitor including when making applications for things like a Spouse Visa.

Good reasons to consult an immigration solicitor

Immigration is one of those legal fields where  changes and amendments happen a lot. You can try to Google for advice or perhaps seek advice from your union. However, I believe it is an immigration solicitor who will best help you keep updated on the changes and how they will impact on your particular circumstances.

Helping friends and family

It might be that you have a friend or family member who is struggling with an immigration matter. You might be trying to do your best to help them but often feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall. You may be applying for partners or other family members to stay in the UK.

Language barriers

You may not have the best English or have a friend or family member who finds the English language a little daunting. Even if you do have great English, legal language is not always the most user-friendly. An immigration solicitor can help you navigate through all that confusing terminology.

Form-filling and more

The best guidance on immigration matters is available from immigration solicitors who are specialists in their field. They can ensure forms are filled in correctly and gather relevant documentation for any interviews or language tests you may need to attend.

Can you suggest any other good reasons to consult an immigration solicitor?






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