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I am your friend – a book of hope – review

I am your friend is a book I cannot recommend highly enough. I think it could help people of any age from childhood to later life. It acts as a wonderful little touchstone to have nearby to pick up in random moments when you may be wobbling a bit emotionally. We all have those times and this book acts as a super quick fix to get you back on track. In the longer term with regular use, it alters your thinking so that you are more positive. At least, that is my experience.

The author

The author of I am your friend is Billie Bacall. Inspirational is a term people do not always accept in themselves but I think people who keep on keeping on through life’s challenges can all claim to inspire others. Within the space of a few months, Billie experienced the sudden death of her husband,  underwent major surgery and embarked on a course of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Going through inevitable feelings of isolation and fearfulness, she jotted down fleeting images to cheer herself up. They were doodles but doodles with super powers.

I am your friend – the book

Billie has self published her images into an attractive book hoping she can help others to keep on keeping on with a positive mind set when the rotten stuff lands in their lives. I loved the colours in the book a mix of black with cheerful yellow and bits of red and orange. Sunshine for the soul on every page if you like. The text is brief, powerful and life-transforming if you listen to the messages given. It is one of those books where you open it at exactly the right page you need every time.

Examples of the wisdom

Examples of the wisdom in the book include letting things go, seeing your problems as stepping stones and recognising that  you have everything available here to make you happy. There is sanity on every page and in an increasingly stressful world with far too many negative forces, I think this book is great for everyone and would also make a beautiful gift for a loved one.

What the author has to say

Billie explains “When I first started to think about developing a book, my aim was that the book should speak to the reader and act as a comfort and a ‘friend’ in times of need. I wanted it to have a tangible energy and quality. This is the reason I’ve named the book I Am Your Friend. Each drawing makes use of just 3 simple colours; black, yellow and red, with yellow representing positivity and red representing the heart energy. My aim was to create something that instantly engages the reader, and that’s what I’ve done with this book as they simply need to pick it up, flick through and feel inspired – perfect for the Instagram generation.”

Grab your copy

You can pick up a copy of the book here.

 The A5 hardback consists of the full collection of the 100 drawings, and is the perfect desk size copy. The 4 x 6” pocketbook has 30 of the original images and is purposefully designed to fit in the palm of your hand, and the perfect companion when you are out and about.
20% of all profits will be donated to Future Dreams Charity
I hope you enjoyed my I Am Your Friend book review. You may like to read my book review of The Missing Wife next.




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