The Falling Sword By Ben KaneKane

The Falling Sword by Ben Kane – book review

The Falling Sword by Ben Kane is the second in a series and one both myself and my husband were looking forward to reading having enjoyed the first book. It’s good and quite rare to find books we both enjoy allowing us to discuss them leading to even greater pleasure..

The Falling Sword by Ben Kane

Readers are following in the footsteps of Consul Flamininus and the campaign against Phillip of Macedon for control of the Greek empire and lands. The book follows on from the bestselling ‘Clash of Empires’ which we have previously reviewed on this blog.

Alongside these leaders the stories of the soldiers of each army are developed Would Demitrios succeed in his running battle with his co-phalangist Empedokles?

Would Felix be able to assist his leader, Flamininus, in gaining the upper hand over his rival in the Senate, Galba?

What we enjoyed about the Falling Sword

The stories of  the main characters are told within the context of battles described in awe-inspiring detail. As with the Clash of Empires, you can really tell that the author has done a great deal of research. The writing takes the reader through the political and personal history of the campaign, the negotiations and the treachery between the military leaders and their followers. The writing was described rightly by my husband as “brilliant” and you really are engaged with the entire story even though this is a quite a sturdy book.

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The Falling Sword By Ben Kane

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