Tips To Stay In A Positive Mindset Whilst Travelling
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Tips to stay in a positive mindset whilst travelling

I can vouch for the fact that travelling long-term is so different from going on a short holiday. There are joys and challenges to taking that leap of faith in going travelling. Mental health is vital and I was delighted to be offered the chance to share this guest post from Nadia on tips to stay in a positive mindset whilst travelling long-term.

“Long term travel is fantastic but it can take a toll on your life. If you plan to take a long term trip, it is very important to maintain a healthy mindset. This can be tricky at times – being away from your family and friends can have a negative impact your mental well being.

Here are 5 times to ensure you stay in a good mindset while traveling (from someone who has spent 4 years away from home!)

Plan at least 1 Fun Activity Daily

On short term holidays, you have a fun travel activity planned every day. When you are on a long term trip or you are living internationally, it is easy to get into a rut. Life kicks in, you put off going to that interesting restaurant or going to see that amazing monument in Paris. You also may have limited friends to socialise with. For this reason, it is important to plan at least 1 fun activity every single day. As I travel with my partner Mike, we plan fun dates (even when it’s raining) to keep ourselves in a positive mindset. I find this keeps me thinking and feeling positive being away from home for so long.

Tips to stay in a positive mindset

When I stop exercising, I feel terrible both mentally and physically. If you are on a long term trip, exercising can be difficult. In certain places, it may not be possible to get a gym subscription without an annual subscription. Luckily, with the advancement of the Internet, there are so many possibilities out there that allow us to still stay healthy and active while traveling! I recommend finding a YouTube fitness channel you like and subscribing to it.I found one that is amazing called blogalites, which does 5 minute, easy to follow videos. A YouTube fitness channel is free to subscribe to and there are no excuses as the exercise can be done from the comfort of your own home (or hotel room)!

Eat a well balanced diet

This one is very difficult while traveling. Pizza is just oh so good in Italy! Challenge yourself to eat at least 1 protein, 1 vegetable and 1 fruit a day while traveling. This is below the recommended dietary standard but it will be the bare minimum to ensure your body stays in good shape. If this is impossible (I have been to countries with very low fruit quality) make sure you have vitamin supplements that you can take. If you are traveling to a Nordic country or one with a long winter, you will need to bring Vitamin D. Take a regular blood test to ensure your vitamin levels are on point.

Keep in regular communication with your loved ones back home

You will feel way less homesick if you keep in regular communication with your loved ones back home. I always start to feel more depressed when I haven’t spoke to my family in a few weeks. Luckily, this has become so much less expensive than in the past with the development of Skype and Whatsapp. Why not bring a fun activity into the mix and send a traditional postcard back home? I know postcards are so antiquated with the rise of social media but it is a super cute activity that will keep your mindset positive while being away from home.

Find a new hobby

Challenge yourself to find a new, interesting hobby. This could be anything from learning pottery or speaking in the language of the country you are traveling – the possibilities are endless. A new hobby might even include meeting new friends from the area you are traveling. It is difficult to stay in a positive mindset without a support group of friends around you, especially if you are traveling solo. New friends will provide a new interest in your life and keep your mindset positive!

Love to hear from you guys – what are your tips to stay in a positive mindset while travelling long term?”

Author: Nadia writes the blog and runs the Instagram @coupletraveltheworld with her partner Mike. The pair left their full time corporate jobs in 2014 to live their dream life, traveling the world.

Do you have tips on how to stay in a positive mindset when travelling?




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