Winter Lawncare And Garden Inspiration
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Winter Lawn Care And Garden Inspiration

Start with the foundations – winter lawn care

Winter Lawn Care


The main feature of most of our gardens is the big patch of grass that we call the lawn. With it being the foundation of every garden, it makes perfect sense to prioritise winter lawn care perhaps calling in experts like Trugreen Texas and keep it looking lush even in the colder months. There are a number of ways that you can give your cold-looking lawn some TLC in winter.

Make sure to keep it clear of leaves and debris so it has room to breathe. You could take this further by using a rake or sharp-ish object to poke small holes in the lawns surface for aeration. This helps to allow air to reach the root system and makes for better overall lawn health. Instead of throwing the fallen leaves straight in your green bin, you could use them to make your own compost heap with a mixture of kitchen waste or shred them and place around the stems of your more delicate plants.

Another point to note is that the more you keep off the lawn, the better. As tempting as it may be to get stuck in with winter lawn care if your lawn is looking defeated, it’s a good idea to keep off as much as possible. This will minimise damage and allow it time to rest – even grass deserves a break once in a while!

Another option to keep your lawn happy is to book in some seasonal winter lawn treatments. Greensleeves offer a wide range of professional but affordable lawn care service all year round, so you can even keep your lawn thriving in freezing temperatures without having to lift a finger.

 Animal shelters

Winter Lawn Care


 Although winter lawn care is important, there are other aspects to consider. You could get crafty and create some animal shelters, whether these be for birds, hedgehogs, or bugs. This will encourage wildlife to enter your garden and most likely stick around, if they’ve got somewhere to keep warm. It’s always nice to look outside and see the garden full of life. Once you’ve made your shelters make sure they have food inside and you could keep track of the animals that you’ve noticed.


It seems like these days people are increasingly early with whipping out their festive decorations around the house. But there’s nothing saying that you can’t compliment your winter lawn care with some outdoor decor. You could create your own autumnal or Christmas wreaths or go and buy a pristine one from the local garden centre. Fairy lights are another guaranteed easy way to turn your garden into a magical winter wonderland, even if they only cost you a few pounds!

Winter Lawn Care

 Keep planting

It’s a common misconception that plants and vegetables cannot survive the winter. Hence many gardens get left to their own devices around this time of year. However, as well as keeping on top of your winter lawn care, there are plenty of trees, shrubs and vegetables that you can grow in your garden even in freezing temperatures. To keep your garden looking festive and winter wonderland-esque you could plant red berries along with white Clematis Jingle Bells. Using seasonal coloured plants is a great way to get your garden feeling christmassy without having to go out and buy decorations, because let’s face it, they cost a small fortune these days.

 If you want guaranteed results but think your winter lawn care would be better off done by the professionals, you can visit Greensleeves at or give them a call on 0808 100 1413.

Winter Lawn Care

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