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Blue wallpaper designs for a stylish home

We recently moved house and sadly have bland magnolia walls. It is time to jazz things up a bit. As I love colour and all things retro, I have decided to go with blue wallpaper designs of the vintage variety. I also love the diverse shades that blue offers from the calming to the vibrant. I am hoping some of my readers may be inspired by my choices for the different rooms in the home.

Blue wallpaper for the kitchen

I love a warm and inviting kitchen. Ours has kept rustic elements such as exposed brickwork and a huge fireplace whilst also benefiting from modern units and appliances. We even have original flagstone flooring. I have chosen a wallpaper called Yukina which reminds me of the look of my first childhood kitchen. I like something that makes a statement. This wallpaper is highly wash resistant so perfect for areas where splashes and stains might happen.

Blue Wallpaper



I have gone for the bold Ludmilla for the lounge. I love the strong colours. I have always had a thing about peacocks so like having these little friends on the wall in the room where you will find me the most.  This wallpaper is one that cheers the soul on the darkest days whether that is the weather or your mood. It is the sort of wallpaper that makes you want to invite friends and family around regularly to show it off. I have kept the furniture in the  lounge quite neutral inspired by Scandinavian design as I want the wallpaper to be the star of the show.

Blue Wallpaper


My son loves all things super-hero so it did not surprise me when he considered this striking wallpaper for his bedroom.

Superhero Blue Wallpaper

Right at the last minute he decided that he would prefer the Luitpoldo one as it plays to his firm interest in astronomy.

Astronomy Themed Wallpaper

My daughter took ages to choose a blue wallpaper design. She usually prefers purple and I was willing to compromise as it is important her room is to her taste. Just as I was about to click off the website we were looking at she squealed with delight. She absolutely loves the adorable what does the fox say design.

Fox Blue Wallpaper

My husband and I struggled with our blue wallpaper choice for our bedroom. He likes things to be subtle whereas I like things to be bold generally. I asked him to scribble down his favourite choices and he came up with the following list.



Airplanes 02

He said he liked the designs and they appealed to him more than the colours themselves. I had expected him to go for the flying machines one as he had a Royal Air Force career. We have visited many air shows and he sees beauty in aeroplanes.

The Animal choice surprised me. I was already thinking of perhaps having an animal-themed wallpaper somewhere in the house. When I was little I moved from a small boxroom into a larger bedroom when my brothers moved out. I inherited their animal themed wallpaper and loved it. The wallpaper was white but the animal prints were colourful and detailed. We don’t have to decide just yet but my husband may get his way with this one although perhaps in the hallway or on the landing rather than in the bedroom.

He certainly will not win on the Construction choice. I think this is lovely for a little boy’s bedroom but not for mine! I guess it is true what they say about boys and their toys!

Construction Blue Wallpaper



The choice for the bathroom was easy. I defy anyone not to love this Mermaid design.  I imagine myself indulging in long pampering sessions with  candles burning and mermaids wishing me well.

Mermaids Wallpaper

Considerations when buying wallpaper

As with all home improvements, it is important to set a realistic budget before browsing wallpaper designs. If you cannot afford to do everything all at once, that is fine. Interior design works with baby steps as do most things in life. Decide on one room you want to prioritise and start there. Be practical thinking about whether you will need to wash down wallpaper and choosing options that make that easy. If you have children or pets, wallpaper is more likely to get damaged so bear that in mind too.

Cool Vintage Blue Wallpaper Designs

What do you think of our wallpaper choices? Do you have a favourite?

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