How to protect yourself after a traffic violation arrest

How to protect yourself after a traffic violation arrest

Traffic stops often end with a warning or a ticket, but they can end with an arrest. Those who are arrested for a traffic-related violation will want to protect themselves from serious penalties and look into what they can do to protect their future from complications due to a conviction. Use the tips here to understand what to do after a traffic violation arrest. This post is about How to protect yourself after a traffic violation arrest

Speak with a Lawyer for Help on how to protect yourself after a traffic violation arrest

 After the accused is released on bail, they should speak with a lawyer about their case. Those who have been arrested for a traffic violation can check out Darras Law and learn more about their case. A lawyer can help them understand the charges they’re facing and start working on their defense. With a lawyer helping them, the accused has a better chance of avoiding major penalties or being able to avoid a conviction entirely.

Avoid Discussing the Case with Anyone

 The accused should not speak with anyone about the case. While they might need to let friends, family, and employers know they have been arrested, they should decline to speak about what happened until the case is over. If they are questioned by police officers, they should politely decline to say anything and request their lawyer. Their lawyer will help them answer all questions to prevent self-incrimination that could make it harder to avoid a conviction.

Learn About the Charges

 Traffic violations that lead to an arrest can be misdemeanors or felonies. Misdemeanors are typically traffic violations that lead to a fine or a short amount of time in jail. This can include driving without a license or some instances of reckless driving. Felony traffic violations are those in which the accused faces a significant amount of jail as well as other serious penalties.

Examples of this include hit and run accidents and vehicular homicide. It’s important for the accused to understand the charges they’re facing and the potential penalties as they work on their defense.

Start Prepping a Defense

While it is possible to avoid a conviction for a traffic violation charge, it’s not going to happen without a solid legal defense. A lawyer can review the case and discuss possible defense strategies with their client. It’s important to carefully review all of the facts of the case to determine what type of defense is going to be more likely to be effective. The defense used will vary depending on the exact charge and the evidence against the accused.

Look into a Hardship License

 While a possible conviction and serious penalties are the main concern after a traffic violations arrest, those who are arrested will also want to make sure they don’t lose their ability to drive. The accused’s driver’s license may be suspended automatically following their arrest. This means they might not have a way to get to work or run necessary errands. However, it may be possible for them to obtain a hardship license that gives them the ability to drive with restrictions. They will need to be careful to follow all restrictions until they can reinstate their driver’s license.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a traffic violation, take the right steps to protect yourself now and in the future. Speak with a lawyer to learn more about what can be done to minimize the chance of a conviction and lessen the impact this could have on your future.

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