A Guide To Keeping Baby Warm This Winter

A Guide to keeping baby warm this winter

With summer well and truly here, it won’t be long before the cooler temperatures arrive and if you have a new addition to the family, you will want to take extra care to keep the baby warm. The delicate newborn baby should never be exposed to wind, especially not a cold one – and with that in mind, here are a useful guide on keeping baby warm this winter.

  • Maintaining Body Temperature – Babies have difficulty maintaining a good body temperature, so they need all the help they can get. Too much clothing and the baby will perspire and if the room is a little on the cold side, the baby’s fingers and toes might turn blue. Make sure that the baby is wearing a single piece jump suit, one that covers their hands and feet and wrap them up well whenever you have to go outside.
  • Layered Clothing – Well, if it works for grown-ups, why not for a baby? There are affordable baby gift sets available online from leading suppliers such as https://babygiftbox.com.au/ and they have hampers filled with items that are suitable for winter wear. Don’t forget hats and mittens if you do have to go out, as these will prevent the baby’s extremities from getting cold.
  • Don’t Make Baby Wear A Coat While Inside – This could cause the little one to overheat and even a few minutes is too long, As soon as you enter a warm interior, remove the baby’s coat before you do anything else and avoid exposing the baby to heat too quickly.


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  • Stay Inside As Much As Possible – This is the time to forget about the afternoon walk in the park, as cold wind can seriously harm a baby’s delicate skin, and if you can limit your outdoor time to being to and from the car, then this will ensure that he or she doesn’t catch a cold. In the event you have to take baby out, there are some great tips on winter dressing that might help.
  • Swaddle In Blankets – The age-old tradition of swaddling a baby in a soft blanket is as good today as it ever was. Rather than using loose bedding, which could lead to suffocation, swaddle baby, but not too tight, as this will help to maintain body temperature.


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  • Be Careful Using Portable Space Heaters – If you prefer to use one rather than turning on the central heating, make sure you never leave the room while it is running. If a baby suddenly learned how to crawl, it could have serious consequences. Perhaps it is better to preheat the room before removing the space heater, as the baby will not come into contact with it.

There are many specialised items you need for a newborn baby and the online supplier has a wide range of quality baby clothing and accessories, and all at lower than retail prices. If someone you know is soon to have a baby, why not send them a baby basket or hamper? They come in all sizes to suit every budget and each one contains essential baby care items that every mother could use.

Do you have tips  for a guide to keeping baby warm this winter? Check out how to stay warm yourself too.

A Guide To Keeping Baby Warm This Winter

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