Ways To Feel Like A Goddess
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Ways to feel like a goddess this summer

Ok, so the summer holidays are pretty much here, and it feels like you suddenly have a million and one things to do on top of everything else! Planning days out, making sure everyone has sunscreen on, a summer hat, keeping everyone hydrated, making a picnic, finding the buckets and spades, driving in a hot, stressful car – the list is endless! So when you’ve finally got the kids to bed and you might be able to hear yourself think again, it’s natural to feel a little deflated and worn out…But what can you do to make yourself feel well, more like you again? Here you’ll find 4 ways to feel like a goddess again this summer.

Head to the dentist – just one of the ways to feel like a goddess

I’m being serious! Not only does having regular check-ups mean that you’re less likely to get gum disease or have bad breath; visiting your dentist is a sure fire way to improve the look of your teeth, whether that’s with a thorough descale and polish or with something like tooth whitening. Either way, if you’re smile looks good, then you’ll want to show it more! And if you can’t help but smile, you’re sure to feel great too.


When was the last time you invested in a good bra? Sure you can pick up three bras for under £10 at low priced clothing stores, but you know they don’t wash well and they lose their support after a few spins in the washing machine! Most women are wearing the wrong sized bra, so why not go get yourself properly measured? Many women are nervous when it comes to spending money on lingerie, but it doesn’t have to be for anyone else but you!

The same goes for underwear! I’m not telling you to bin your favourite, comfy pair of undies, just treat yourself to a new set; it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable either! Bikini bottoms, boy shorts or even a new pack of basic briefs can make you feel a million dollars.


Step away from the ready meals and the fast food delivery app! Most of us struggle to find the time to cook from scratch – especially if the kids are hungry and you have a million and one things to do while dinner is cooking. So, why not pick up a new recipe book, or search for something new online? Even get your partner involved if you want. Cooking together can be fun, exciting and really rewarding too. Who knew you were such a dab hand in the kitchen?

Sweat it out

The benefits of exercise are seemingly endless. Especially when it comes to our physical health. But did you know that working out is a great way to relieve stress, and just generally feel good? You don’t have to invest in an expensive gym membership, just follow a few gentle workouts on YouTube if you wish or go for a brisk walk with the dog around the neighbourhood. Breaking a sweat will make you feel good and give you a sense of accomplishment!

Can you suggest ways to feel like a goddess?


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