Tired of Wearing Glasses? 3 Alternatives to Try

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The range of glasses available is larger than ever before, so you will never fall short of a smart and aesthetically pleasing pair of eyewear. However, wearing glasses can be frustrating, especially if you forget to bring them to an event, or like to participate in sports such as football, volleyball or basketball. 

Glasses don’t have to be your only option. Whether you don’t like to wear glasses or want to live with less hassle, then there are plenty of alternatives that you can choose from. Here are the top 3 alternatives for you to try.

#1 Eye Therapy

There is a new eye rehabilitation on the market called eye or vision therapy. This is a kind of therapy conducted by specialists who use specific exercises to correct vision defects in your eyes. The therapy can vary and will last anytime between a few weeks to a few months, to correct your visual processing. The therapy includes balance boards, training glasses, filters, prisms and other exercises. Eye therapy has seen many successful patients, who have undertaken the course of therapy, slowly progressing with exercises and improving the accuracy and efficiency of their focusing system, coordination, and performance of both eyes. You would need to speak to a professional to see you are eligible for eye therapy. 

#2 Contact lenses

Contact lenses are a popular, and cost-effective alternative to wearing glasses. They can be purchased at your local eye store, and once you know-how, are easy to put in and take out. When you wear contact lenses, modern technology has enabled them to be undetectable, and excellent to wear daily to boost confidence, vision and assist with playing sports and other physical activities. Contact lenses do not obstruct your vision in any way, as they are made to move with your eye as you look around. They are not impacted by rain or fog, unlike glasses and are known to be very comfortable. 

#3 Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery is becoming much easier to conduct, and more accessible for people who struggle with long-sightedness, short-sightedness and astigmatism. The procedure is known to be quick and simple, only lasting a few minutes per session, and will provide most candidates with complete visual freedom. Laser eye surgery does come with a larger cost and recovery time (depending on what kind of laser surgery you receive), but also a wealth of benefits. Laser eye surgery is a pain-free procedure and provides extremely quick results, either immediately or within a few days that follow the procedure. Laser eye surgery can dramatically correct your vision, without the need to wear glasses or contacts and avoid having stitches or wearing bandages. 

Glasses are great, but can often become a hassle. If you are looking at alternatives to your glasses, there are many options to suit your preferences and budget, for example, eye therapy, contact lenses or laser eye surgery. All have been proved effective at improving eyesight, but come with a range of costs and timeframe, so you can find something that suits your lifestyle. 

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