Top Tips to Look Like an Expert When Riding a Horse for the First Time

The idea of going out to ride a horse for the first time can be scary. Actually, many people would like to try it, but they shy away from it because of the skills that are necessary to look like a pro. But did you know that you can ride a horse for the first time like an expert? We have the tips that you need to do this. Read on and put them into practice when you decide to ride a horse.

Prepare for the Activity

The minimum preparation is to collect the right gear for riding a horse. It does not matter the riding style that you want to try or the amount of time you will spend. Make sure that you have a helmet, the right clothes, and riding boots. If the stable does not provide equipment for the horse, collect all the gear for saddling the horse for safety and comfort. Pack it in your vehicle and head out to meet the horse.

Greet and Make the Horse Comfortable

Since this is the first time you are riding the horse, there is no way you will immediately jump on its back and start riding. Horses need to know and like the rider before the business begins. Otherwise, you will have a rough time. Let the horse smell the back of your hand to create a connection. After this introduction, you can stroke the horse lightly as a sign of assurance.

Saddle the Horse

This preparation is very important. It should be done with confidence. Horses can feel when people are nervous, which changes their behavior. However, resourceful websites such as Mr.Iceland offer more insights on how to go about this step. Once everything has been fastened, it is time to climb up. Do it without causing any discomfort to the horse or causing accidents this early.

Check that the reins are well fastened and that the stirrups offer the necessary support. Sit in an upright position rather than leaning forward as many beginners do. This will help you to balance as the horse starts moving on your signal.

Start Off Gently

Horses are animals with feelings, and it is not ideal to rush them if there is no need. If you are gentle with the reins, the horse will start marching gently in the direction that you guide it. This also gives you a chance to get used to the horse, develop balance, and most importantly, create a rhythm with the horse. Stay focused so that you can see what is ahead of you.

Dismounting Is Crucial

After the enjoyable ride, remember to dismount the horse so that it can relax as well. Do this like an expert in a reverse manner to what you did at the beginning. Experts recommend thanking the horse and congratulating it on the good work.

With these tips, you will not only have a good time, but the horse will enjoy it too. You can rest assured that it will remember you next time and offer an equally enjoyable ride. Who knows, this might become your hobby.




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