3 interior design old-school must-haves

It’s often a sign of age when we start harking back to the good old days and thinking everything was somehow a little superior back in the day. But it seems that even the younger generations these days are appreciative of bygone times and successful interior design features elements that have come from way back when. There are so many different time periods from which you can choose these additions and there’s no need to stick purely to one either – you can successfully mix a multitude of eras and create a fantastic finish that is wholly unique to you. And you don’t have to break the bank either! The internet has made sourcing whatever you want much easier thanks to increased range, accessibility and competitive pricing too.

Let’s take a look at 3 interior design old-school must-haves:

  1. The vintage door

They say first impressions count for a lot and your exterior door is certainly the first point at which most visitors will start to form an opinion about your home. Upon entering, this will either be reconfirmed or challenged by the remainder of the doors within your home. Vintage doors have always made any home look more impressive and they are now more accessible than ever before thanks to retailers such as Internal Doors UK. They have a huge selection available which is easy to browse and order and are great value for money too. You can choose from a variety of vintage styles including classic and 1930s ones to give the perfect edge to your design finish.

  1. A signature piece of furniture

Classic Furniture is a great place to start for this and in fact, are one of the very best accessories to include in your home to give it an extra edge. A stand out chair put in the right place will look incredible and will also be a talking point. And the style you choose is entirely up to you. You could opt for a classic rocker in a conservatory or even a nursery, or perhaps a Victorian chaise longue in the boudoir. You could even opt for a French-style vintage armchair in the lounge and don’t forget – everything else doesn’t have to match perfectly in terms of style. This piece could be a contrasting feature that has its own identity instead.


  1. A classic light-fitting

There are so many types of light-fitting that are modern or contemporary and they can look fantastic. However, nothing will beat a traditional chandelier to make a statement and that’s why you will find this sort of feature in houses both traditional and contemporary. Antique chandeliers or other types of vintage light-fittings can blend well into even the most stylish of modern homes, you just need to ensure it accentuates the other pieces appropriately, and that it lights up the space in the right way! You can choose for a fully authentic antique, or could simply have the same style installed with a realistic imitation which are readily available at affordable prices. It all depends on your budget!

One of the best ways to start pulling together ideas for your preferred style is by creating mood boards and looking for inspiration on creative sites such as Pinterest. You’ll soon have a much better idea of the kind of items you’re looking for!

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