Considerations When Getting Your First Pair Of Glasses

Considerations when getting your first pair of glasses

I remember my feelings when it became clear I needed glasses. It felt like they would change my identity in some way. I also worried about taking care of them properly. I went back to college having got my first pair of glasses over the holidays. Most people did not even notice so I had worried unduly about that. That is many years ago but today I am sharing 5 considerations when getting your first pair of glasses.

Your prescription

Consulting an eye care professional is your first step. They can tell if you have problems seeing things at a distance or up close or both. This will tell them what sort of lenses you need which might be single vision or progressive lenses depending on your individual needs.

Where to buy your first pair of glasses

You no longer have to buy your glasses at your optician’s shop. You can buy online from Arlo Wolf Glasses which means you have more choice, can get lower prices and you can order at 3am in the morning if that suits your schedule.

The right glasses for you

It is good to work out what face shape you have as this really helps you pick a pair of glasses that will make you look good.

Consider the job you do and where you spend your time. You may want to consider adding digital protection coating to your lenses or add a pair of sunglasses to your purchase.

There are special prescription sports glasses for those who are involved in athletic activities.

Taking care of your glasses

It is important to take care of your glasses properly. When you take them off put them in a protective case. Pushing glasses up on into your hair is a bad idea leading to scratches and potentially bends the frames. Cleaning your glasses regularly is important to get rid of dirt and those annoying smudges. Glasses do seem to collect a lot of muck so rinse them under water and use the cloth that came with them. Don’t dry them on your top or with tissues.

Express yourself!

You can have so much fun with your glasses. They come in different colours and styles so you can make them a personal fashion statement. Glasses can enhance your look so once you have them, you can start choosing matching outfits and accessories. Express yourself!

What are the considerations when getting your first pair of glasses you would highlight to my readers?









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  • Kim Carberry

    There is so much to think about when buying glasses. I wear them for watching the TV and bought the most basic pair which I hate. Next time I will choose more wisely. x

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