Preparing your kids for big changes

Change is tough for anybody to get to grips with, especially children. Even the smallest of transitions can cause them to question their standing in life, and those that are genuinely life-changing can have the potential to make or break them.

You can help your children when it comes to these sorts of changes in life, though, by preparing them for them. For advice on how to do just that in regard to certain situations of change, read through this article.

Preparing them for moving school

Whether it’s through choice or whether the decision was made out of their control, there will come a time in their lives where your child will move school. Some take it better than others, and some make it far more challenging than it needs to be.

If your child challenges their school move, it means they are not ready or prepared to make the change being asked of them. If you feel your child might challenge you, then you need to prepare them beforehand. You need to take action by discussing the move with your child well in advance of it happening, you need to show as much enthusiasm as you can for the move yourself, and you need to discuss with your child everything about the move that is making them uneasy. By listening to them, you can understand exactly what they are concerned about, and you can counteract this by talking about the positives of the change. If it is moving from lower school to upper school, this will be a particularly emotional upheaval, and there will be opportunities to work with the schools involved, as well as other children and pupils, to help deal with the transition.

Preparing them for moving house

Moving home is stressful for adults and kids alike, but it’s the latter that are likely to suffer the most with this change. It can make them feel powerless as their whole world is flipped upside down, and it is for these reasons why you need to prepare them as best you can.

You should visit your new home with your kids long before you plan to move into it, just to get them accustomed to it and to give them something to look forward to in the venture — you could even allow them to make tentative plans in regard to their bedrooms. Focusing on the positives in this manner will make your kids look to the future, something that is much better than holding onto the past.

Preparing them for a divorce

 The divorce of their parents is a life-changing time of transition that more and more children are facing these days, and those that face it need to be prepared for it.

Should you ever find yourself in the situation of negating a divorce with your partner, first, you would have to get in touch with a solicitor, attaining a family law solicitors London free consultation from them quickly when you do, in order to nip any arguments in the bud — the fewer arguments there are between the adults, the better protected the kids will be. After that, you would have to sit your children down to have a frank and open discussion with them, whether you or they want to or not, to ensure they are fully aware of what is happening, as well as to gauge how they are taking it all. You should also seek to answer all their questions clearly and honestly.

Even the sweetest of relationships can turn sour, and it’s not good for anybody involved when they do, least of all the children.

Children do not always take to change well, but they will take it to it better with a bit of preparation.

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  1. Enda Sheppard August 1, 2018 / 10:57 am

    Preparation is key for any serious transition in a child’s life. You are so right. #BlogClubUK

  2. Becky, Cuddle Fairy August 1, 2018 / 4:41 pm

    This is great advice. I agree it’s best to let kids know in advance of any big changes and to discuss it so they understand and can ask questions. Thanks for sharing with us at #BloggerClubUK xx

  3. Helena August 5, 2018 / 8:37 am

    There are some good suggestions for preparing the kids here for some big life changes #BloggerClubUK

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