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Antique Grandfather Clocks: First Time Buyer Advice

The grandfather clock is a truly amazing item of furniture that would have pride of place in any setting and if you are contemplating acquiring one, there is much to consider. The long case clock was invented in the mid-17th century, when it was discovered that a longer pendulum swing kept more accurate time, and with a 3-foot pendulum, the grandfather clock was over 6 feet tall. Referred to as the ‘golden years’ of long case clocks, the period between 1660 and 1730 saw many fine examples constructed. If you are looking to add such a clock to your home décor, here are a few tips.


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  • Do Some Online Research – It is never a good idea to purchase something you know little about, and with lots of websites that offer free resources, even an hour per day reading all about these fascinating clocks will stand you in good stead when you are actually ready to buy.
  • Set your Budget – There is a wide range of prices with grandfather clocks, so it is a good idea to decide exactly how much you are prepared to invest in such an item. If you would like to view a fine selection of antique grandfather clocks, search online for an established antique dealer, who would have quite a selection with a range of prices. As a guideline, you would not expect to see a genuine antique grandfather clock for less that £1,500 and some cost as much as £100,000 or more.
  • Forge an Alliance – If you develop a working relationship with an online antique dealer, he or she can assist you with your long case clock purchase. There are many aspects of a grandfather clock that determine its value; rarity, condition, date of manufacture and maker, to name but a few, and by seeking out the expert opinion of an antique dealer, you can feel confident that you are paying a fair price for the clock. In the event the antique dealer does not have the style of clock you are after, he could certainly source one, thanks to his extensive contacts within the industry.
  • Care & Maintenance – Of course, the long case clock that you buy will need to be cleaned and maintained, which is something that your local antique dealer can help you with. Cleaning can be carried out by anyone, providing they are careful, yet clock maintenance is something to be left to the experts, as it is very easy to damage the delicate mechanism.


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It is important to ask yourself the reason for buying the grandfather clock; if it is purely for personal pleasure and enjoyment, you are not limited in any way. However, if you are making the purchase as a form of investment, then your choices are more limited. If you would like to view an extensive collection of fine grandfather clocks, simply search with Google and you will have a list of online dealers that have a range of long case clocks for sale.

If you are not very knowledgeable about grandfather clocks, you are advised to seek out an established antique dealer, who can help you to find the right piece.

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