Useful Aids For Elderly Relatives
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Useful aids for elderly relatives

When you are caring for older family members, it is a good idea to know about useful aids for elderly relatives. Although your loved one may hold out against such things initially, they can make a positive difference to their quality of life. That is why it really is worth sitting down and discussing what might make their lives that little bit easier. Sometimes it is kinder to raise an issue and give them the opportunity to share how they are feeling about any particular struggles. Then you can make an action plan together about what useful aids for elderly people will be best for their individual needs. They will probably really appreciate your help in researching where to get those items too.


A stairlift is a useful aid for elderly family members who are finding it increasingly challenging to manage the stairs. Often people have fond memories in their own homes so do not want to leave. A stairlift can make such a difference meaning they can stay at home and not be restricted to only part of the home.  If you install a stairlift also means you will worry less about them taking a tumble down the stairs.

Useful aids for elderly people on outings

Getting out does our physical and mental wellbeing so much good.  Sometimes elderly relatives start limiting their outings as they feel unable to walk far. There are so many useful aids for elderly people who want to get out and about. They range from simple walking sticks through to options such as scooters and motorised wheelchairs. If your relative drives a car, there are accessories that can help them continue to do so for longer. When your elderly relative gets out they are that much more likely to keep up with hobbies and friends.

Personal hygiene

It’s not easy to retain a sense of dignity when you struggle to keep clean. Your relative may be scared of slipping in the bath or shower. Falls are a major worry and do happen more as we get older. Useful equipment that can help your relative wash safely include shower stools and bath seats as well as rails. Be aware that your relative may have continence issues and they may be embarrassed to raise these with you.  Whilst conversations about such topics can be challenging there are so many products that can help.

Personal safety

A lof of older people have a real fear of crime. Look into things like personal alarm call systems. There are lots of different choices available. You might want something that is worn by your relative. They can be quite clever and let you know the things that you need to know for your individual relative. That might be that you are alerted if they have a fit or if their room is a dangerous temparature. If your relative might wander off, an identity bracelet can be a good option.

Sitting and lying down

Your elderly relative may spend a long time sitting in one place or resting in bed. They need to be comfortable when doing so. You can help them look into chairs where you can adjust the height. Many people find recliner tilt chairs easier as they get older. Be aware of the danger of pressure sores. Pressure cushions and pressure care mattresses are available.

If you care about or for an elderly relative, always talk to your local authority and carers’ charities to ensure they are getting support and so are you.

Can you suggest useful aids for elderly relatives?

5 Useful Aids For Elderly Relatives



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