Things to remember as you prepare for your holiday

You probably have your holiday booked already. You have found a good flight, booked some wonderful accommodation and put your spending money together. What are the things to remember as you prepare for your holiday?


You can avoid a lot of hassle later if you are completely sure what documentation you might need in the country you are visiting. Imagine not having the visa you require as you arrive at an airport. Check and double-check that  you have exactly what you need with you when it comes to paperwork. Sometimes you will need confirmation of the address you are staying at and sometimes you will need your passport with you after you arrive for days out. Be prepared!


You have saved up but do ensure that you have a little buffer money wise for unexpected happenings. Having a contingency fund just makes sense and can relieve so much stress. To think more positively,  imagine yourself saying yes to your children if unexpected treat opportunities head your way.


Ensure you have the required travel vaccinations for the country you are visiting. I well remember my brother visiting Kuwait and coming back very ill with hepatitis having chosen not to have his jabs. My top tip is to speak to your doctor as soon as you decide what country you are going to visit on holiday. Consider any particular health risks you may face and have relevant pharmacy items packed. As we are talking about health don’t forget sun protection and something to fight the bugs too. Double-check that what you intend to take with you can be taken to your destination.


Ensure that you have arranged good quality care for your pets well in advance. I remember arranging with my brother for my dog to stay with him and my parents. I duly delivered the dog on the morning we were setting off and my mum hit the roof as she had not been consulted. It was resolved but it made things unpleasant on a day I thought would be happy.

Travel Insurance

I am lucky that my Dad worked in insurance so I know the importance of travel insurance and also what can go sadly wrong when you don’t have it. Hopefully your travels will go swimmingly but if they don’t, it is good to have the peace of mind of having travel insurance in place. Bupa Global offer travel insurance so visit their site and get a quote today.

What would you add to my list of things to remember as you prepare for your holiday/


































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