Hen Parties During a Pandemic: Things You Can Do Over Zoom with Your Girls

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many people are hosting parties such as hen parties on Zoom. Don’t be disheartened if you need to have a virtual hen party. Instead, we have some great tips and tricks on how to make your Zoom hen party just as good as if you were seeing the girls in real life.

Create a Theme

Just because you may be at home, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay in your comfy clothes. Create a theme with the girls so that it makes the whole Zoom call feel more real, and it can be so much fun. You can all take screenshots of you dressed up in all of your outfits. It will be such a great memory to have. If you’re stuck with theme ideas, how about a colour theme? Pick the bride-to-be’s favourite colour and all dress up in that colour. Perhaps your bride-to-be is a very sporty and active person, so dress up as her favourite sports stars. Think about her favourite film, then choose the characters from that film to dress up as. There are so many different options for theme ideas; it will make the whole experience more memorable too.

Share a Meal Together

Another great idea for your Zoom call is to share your dinner together. As this isn’t physically possible, choose what kind of takeaway you would like, for example, a pizza, then everyone can order at the same time and sit and eat together on Zoom. If you all live close to each other, then why not order from the same restaurant, so that it really does feel as though you are all there in the same place eating the same food with one another?

Mr and Mrs Quiz

An excellent idea for an activity is doing Mr and Mrs questions for the bride-to-be. For Better For Worse has some amazing questions that will give everyone a special insight into the bride and groom’s relationship. This is such a great activity because not all of the girls on the Zoom call may know each other that well, but they all share a common interest, which is the bride and groom. It will bring everyone closer together. It is also such a great way for the bride to reminisce about her beautiful relationship. There may be some slightly more risqué questions, so if there any parents on the call, perhaps it would be best to leave them out.


If you don’t know how to play charades, someone basically chooses something to act out. It could be an animal, a film, a celebrity, and more. They then have to act it out without speaking. It is absolutely hilarious and is perfect for your virtual hen party. You can either play in teams or play individually. If you were to play in teams, depending on how big your party is you would split into two teams, then one person from each team has to act out to the rest of their own team before the time is up. With each round, the person acting out is a different person each time to give everyone a turn. If you want to play individually, you take it in turns to act out to everyone on the call, then once everyone is finished, you would then count and see who got the most right. This is a hilarious game and a fantastic ice breaker.


Creating the ultimate hen party playlist is a must for whatever kind of hen party you are hosting. Have some music on in the background to make it feel like more of a party, then as the night goes on, the music could eventually get louder and louder until you are all dancing around together (virtually) and singing the night away. You could even do karaoke together, which is such a funny way to bring everyone closer together. You will need to make sure your Wi-Fi has a good signal. Otherwise, it may result in you all singing at different times, and with people cutting out and lagging, it could get quite confusing!


How about setting up the camera in the kitchen and holding a bake-off party? You could all decide on one thing to make, for example, a lemon drizzle cake or chocolate chip cookies, and then everyone can bake at the same time. Someone could then decide at the end who’s wins the game, but at the end of it, everyone is a winner because you can all eat your masterpieces together.

There are so many fun things to do on your virtual Zoom hen party call, making it so fun and memorable. Have a great night in with the girls!

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