How to make a luxury headboard for your bedroom

After spending so much time indoors this year, most of us are feeling a little tired with our homes. However, a full renovation is expensive and requires a lot of time and effort. Instead of committing to a bedroom overhaul, making little changes with decorations such as your headboard will make a big difference.

By transforming your headboard with some DIY upholstery work you can instantly change the atmosphere and design aesthetic in your room. Don’t worry, you don’t need any specialist seamstress skills either.

Finding inspiration

Before you begin your small renovation project, you need to do some design and style research. Build a Pinterest mood board of your favourite headboard design styles. For example, minimalist wooden, velvet luxury or something a little more industrial. You need to decide on the type of padding you want in the headboard, too – will it be super plush or diamond tuft?

Decide on a colour that will go with the palette of your bedroom. Remember, you are only changing small things in your bedroom – not the whole thing. If your bedroom features a neutral colour palette, try incorporating a bold colour with the headboard.

Take all measurements

To make an entirely new headboard, you need to take down some measurements. Measure your bed, desired headboard height and width and buy a wooden frame that fits them. You can have a bespoke wooden frame made if your room or bed are more unique sizes.

How to upholster

If you have an existing headboard, you need to deconstruct it and cover it with upholstery foam to make your headboard plusher. Cut the foam to the shape of the furniture, adhere around the bed edges and wrap in batting to give the headboard a fluffy look. You can add more batting if you want a super squishy headboard, or less if you prefer a minimalist look.

Wrap the fabric around your new headboard and secure it. Use an impact driver to fix the headboard to your bed frame, and you’re nearly done!  Make sure your headboard is super secure to stop it from moving around in the middle of the night.

Apply the finish touches

You have finished your headboard, but what about the rest of the room? Declutter your bedside table and add a stylish lamp with fresh flowers to complete the new bed arrangement. Just make sure to keep your bedside table practical, aesthetic and in line with your room’s style.

If you opted for a bright jewel-toned headboard, incorporate this colour into the rest of the room to tie it all in. Use accessories in a similar colour to make the space cohesive and the ultimate style goal. Candles, prints and bed throws are a brilliant way to use colour in an otherwise neutral room.

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