Outdoor Adventure In Phoenix

Outdoor adventure in Phoenix

You’re headed to Phoenix and you’ll be ready for activities once you get there. Arizona’s landscape and temperatures make the entire state an outdoor playground. Here are things to do for outdoor adventure in Phoenix.

Outdoor adventure in Phoenix

Tonto Natural Bridge Falls presents a break from the dry climate of Arizona. Observation decks allow visitors to catch a great glimpse of water tumbling down the 180-foot drop. For a different perspective, travel 300 feet down to gaze at the falls from the ground up.

Take a Balloon Ride

Temperatures rise during the daytime hours so a range of vendors offers balloon rides at all times of the day. See the sunrise from the sky; it’s a unique viewpoint and something you will never forget. Balloon rides are common throughout the state, so take your pick of vendors residing close to the Scottsdale Marriott at McDowell Mountains.

Go Mountain Biking

How do 16,000 acres of open terrain sound? To mountain bikers, it’s a dream come true. Depending on your interest, you could rent bikes and take a short ride through or do the entire 18-mile journey, making your way across the Sonoran Desert.

Watch Baseball

Arizona has year-round mild weather, making it a perfect place for spring training and minor league games. Scottsdale Stadium is home to the San Francisco Giants who train for months in the winter before the regular season starts in April.

Climb Rocks

Head to Lookout Mountain Preserve where you can find a single wall with multiple climbing routes. It’s a spot where advanced climbers come to have fun but beginners can get experience there too. It’s best, however, to go with someone who has experience climbing for loose rocks and steep sections pose a serious challenge and safety hazard.

Catch the Sunset

You must go to the top of South Mountain to see the sunset like never before. See a grand, panoramic view of Phoenix while taking in the last embers of the day. There are no words to describe the array and change of colors that occur within a span of 20 mins.

Ride’em Cowboy and Cowgirl

Try a hand at being a cowboy or cowgirl at the Ponderosa Stables. While you’re bouncing up and down in your saddle, open your ears to hear the guide’s history lesson of the area and how cowboys got by years ago. Take a breakfast, daytime, or steak dinner ride, which ends at a restaurant known for cooking-up tasty meat.

Get In the Water

Big Surf is located in Tempe and features waterslides that are not for the faint of heart. It’s an opportunity to cool down at an almost beach-like setting. It’s a great place to take the kids but can be fun and relaxing for singles and couples too.

Take a Walk

There are too many walking trails in the state to mention but you will enjoy Horseshoe Bend. It’s a short walk that ends with an incredible view. Be wary of friends and family members with mobility issues, however, for the trail is not wheelchair accessible. Don’t forget to bring a camera.

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