Ideas for Valentines Day Gifts

Love is one of the great things that makes life worth living. We have special days such as Mothering Sunday when we can honour those we cherish the most. February is a focal point for romance and particularly this year with a Leap Year meaning us women can pop the question if the mood takes us. Here are some great ideas for celebrating Valentines Day in style whether you are in a new relationship or in a long-term partnership that needs a bit of a romantic revival.

Jewelery ideas for Valentines Day

When someone gifts us jewelery we feel so special. My family were big jewelery buyers because mum loved shiny items such as necklaces and earrings.  She had a box full of fancy rings too. I like beautiful jewelery too and  am hoping my husband will treat me this year. Ideally I would like a necklace and a matching bracelet.


There are few people who do not like to receive a lovely bouquet of flowers. My mother was not a huge fan as she preferred house plants. However she would always appreciate iris and freesia. I adore receiving flowers and have a dream that someone would send me some every week. They add colour and sweet smells to the home.


Getting away from it all is good for us at any time of year. Different couples would go for diverse locations and accommodation choices. I would like to spend a week of peace and harmony on a canal boating holiday in the UK. Other people might prefer a luxury cruise or even camping. It is about working out what you and your partner both enjoy. Forget what other people think and do what works for you.

Keep it simple

We all have our fantasies about the perfect Valentines Day.  Unfortunately most of us have to work to a limited budget. If we have children, we cannot just take off whenever the mood takes us especially if we lack a strong support network. That does not mean we should not celebrate Valentines Day. I love it when my husband cooks me a steak dinner and then we spend time watching a film together. Simple pleasures really are good enough sometimes. If you are short of cash it is always worth checking out special seasonal deals online.

What are your ideas for Valentines Day gifts?



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  • Lydia C. Lee

    We are going to a restuarant I really like but my hsuband has started having issues with spicy food so that is the present – he merrily agreed to the Thai restaurant when I suggested it. Sometimes that’s better than a physical gift! #Stayclassymama

  • Karen Reekie

    My kids organised chocolate treats for all of us which was so sweet. We don’t really do Valentine’s Day or presents, but there are some good ideas here. #stayclassmama

  • mummyofasquarepeg

    My husband and I used to always go out for a posh Valentines meal but after kids that stopped. He also stopped sending me flowers since the time I didn’t get round to putting them in a vase and just left them in a bucket. I would totally love jewellery gifts though. #StayClassyMama

  • loopyloulaura

    We didn’t bother with Valentine’s gifts this year as we still haven’t used our Christmas presents! I am a big fan of jewellery but Chris is too scared to buy it as he is worried he won’t suit my tatses. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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