7 Facts You’ll Need to Know for your Pooch

Ever since dogs were first domesticated some at least some 14000 years ago, they have been constant companions to humans. From the earliest civilizations in Asia to the present day where most households have these faithful animals; a lot has been learned about dogs. However, you will be surprised by how many more facts about them you have no idea. Here are a few interesting facts you should know about your pooch.

  1. The barking is not just an attention-seeking means and the tones mean different things

Barking is one of the ways your dog communicates. You already know this but you probably think it is limited to attention-seeking or warning impending danger. This is not always the case. Your dog could be barking because it is hungry usually indicated by a single whiny bark. Constant high-pitched barking shows excitement or nervousness while a throaty growl is for playfulness or a sign for aggression. Watch your dog to learn about the different tones.

  1. A stinking breath is not normal and should be addressed

It is usually assumed that bad breath is a normal thing with the dogs. However, this is not healthy and may also be an indicator of a serious underlying health condition. Like in humans a build-up of bacteria in the mouth will cause bad breath. It can also indicate gum disease or a problem in the gut and lungs.

  1. The nose is far advanced than a human’s

Dogs have over 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses compared to the 6 million in human beings. They can also smell separately with each nose allowing them to pinpoint the direction of the scent. They can also smell hormones allowing them to detect feelings like anger or stress. Their noses are also wet which enables them to pick compounds from the breeze.

  1. Your pooch has a limited number of colors it can see

Dogs are not color blind as the myth may have you believe. Human beings have more color sensing cones compared to dogs that have about 1/9 to 1/12. Beyond gray, black, and white, they can also make out blue, yellow, and blue-violet. However, shades of red and green usually appear as varying shades of grey.

  1. Dog’s eat a weird range of human foods

Ever wondered if dogs can eat pineapple? Fuzzy Rescue has the answer on what parts of a pineapple, dogs can eat and what they cannot. Beyond that, dogs can also eat carrots, peanut butter, bananas, cabbage, and broccoli. Just be watchful on the amount you give them.

  1. Dog’s sweat through their paws

While the tongue is the organ that dogs use to regulate body temperature, it is the paw pads that do the sweating. The paws are very sensitive to the elements and proper hygiene will keep them bacteria-free and healthy.

  1. Dog’s poop in alignment to the earth’s magnetic field

Dogs have a funny pooping ritual of spinning first before pooping. This habit is not random and while further research is necessary, animal scientists believe it has to do with the magnetic field of the earth. Dogs love doing their business facing either North or South and the turning helps orient their inbuilt compass.

These facts should help you in understanding the behavior of your pooch more and help you in taking good care of them.


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