Caring At Christmas

Caring at Christmas – things you may not know

Christmas time is a special time of year, for friends and families to meet and enjoy some precious time together. For those who require additional support throughout the year, a carer is a crucial part of everyday life, particularly during the festive season, but what does that mean for the carers themselves? Caring at Christmas brings special challenges.

Here, our friends at Ability Superstore look at five things about carers over Christmas, that you might not necessarily be aware of.

  1. 30% of carers won’t have a break over the Christmas period

According to research by Carers Trust Wales, around 370,000 people throughout Wales provide care for a friend or family member, particularly over Christmas. Not only that, but these carers are often unpaid, giving their loved ones a helping hand simply out of the goodness of their hearts.

On top of this, around 30% of these carers often spend the Christmas period without a break and those that do receive a break will spend this well earned recuperation time, doing chores.

  1. Many won’t be able to make the most of the festive season

During what’s meant to be the most wonderful time of the year many carers find themselves feeling tired and struggling to switch off from taking care of those in need. This comes from research by Revitalise, whose quest is to support unpaid carers and work towards finding additional support for them.

  1. Their usual support is often lost over Christmas

Caring for others can be tiring and stressful, especially when there is little to no support. A lot of the time, friends and family set off on the road for their Christmas break to visit family further afield, which often means that carers are lacking the usual support they would have. Not only that, but with public services closing up shop for Christmas and sometimes even Boxing Day, it can become a little more difficult to take care of those who need them over Christmas.

  1. Their role is crucial over Christmas, particular for the routine

Routine is so important for those with mobility requirements, to be able to get up, showered and dressed, and on their way with their day. Without carers over Christmas, they would find it difficult to make the most of the festive season, especially when preparing for friends and family to visit. For some, it’s even more important that they see a familiar face coming to help them each and every day, making their carers particularly important over Christmas.

  1. It’s all worth it, to give someone a happy and normal life

Amongst all of the stresses and strains of caring for another, inevitably it is an extremely rewarding thing to do. Not only can you see the support you are giving and the benefits it has to their everyday life, but you can go home feeling you have given something to someone else.

Do you have experience of caring at Christmas?



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