Reflections on the Queen’s passing

As someone who is firmly not a Royalist, I have held back on commenting on the Queen’s death. However, I have decided to share personal reflections on the Queen’s passing. May she rest peacefully.
reflections on the queen's passing
1. Saddened for the Queen’s family, loved ones and those to whom she was a vital source of comfort and support including some members of the public.
2. Disgusted that those who are grieving are not allowed to do so in their own way without being attacked at home, in the street or on social media. Having said that, I feel uncomfortable with mobile phones being used quite so much in this outpouring of grief. Not sure why folks need selfies and images of historical events where images will be readily available. Do we really ever need to prove we grieved? Or is this recording about something else?
3. Moved to see the Queen’s coffin. One of my reflections on the Queen’s passing is that coffin moment when we have to face facts that we won’t see that special person again. Moving to see so clearly how loved she was by certain family members.
4. Inspired that this woman and mother did what she said she would do through good, bad and truly awful times. Shows how amazing women can be and how most of us keep on keeping on however challenging the time and circumstances.
5. Sorry for all those who are triggered by these events. Grief of all sorts (loved ones who have passed, loved ones who left our lives not through death, cherished pets) are valid. My only advice from wise women is to sit with those feelings knowing it is OK to have them and that pain does pass. And if you are really struggling seek professional help and as early as possible. There is FREE help out there as well as paid counselling and therapy.
6. Surprised how different generations are upset at the Queen’s passing.
7. Concerned for those experiencing their own recent losses and family funerals at this time which I imagine is particularly challenging.
8. I always think it is at times of birth and death that we have the opportunity to get really sane. Carpe diem – live is too short. Tell folks you love them – too often this goes unsaid through embarrassment or being busy. Acknowledge everyone for the unique set of qualities they bring to the stage/party. Don’t leave anyone isolated in life. If you are in dispute, try to make peace and amends.
9. Of course, as I share my reflections of the Queen’s passing, I remember when I came closet to this inspirational woman. Fond memories of times with my late parents watching the Queen travel down the River Thames in 1977 for her Silver Jubilee. I found an umbrella and my parents told me to give it to a police man. I did and he said I could keep it. I remember it was really rainy and I was not sure I could actually see the Queen but told my mum and dad I could as they had put in such an effort to ensure I did.
Methinks that is all from me.
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  • Astrid

    I couldn’t agree more with all these reflections. I don’t particularly care about our (the Netherlands’) royal family either way and didn’t know much about the British one. All that being said, your #8 point particularly touched me. I don’t have the best relationship with my parents, to the point where we hardly speak to each other. I really wish to mend this before they pass, but it’s really tough.

  • Kim Carberry

    It was such sad news and although it was expected it is still quite shocking and upsetting. I have found all the mobile phones in the air quite disrespectful too. I saw many who were looking through their phones while the Princes and wives were doing a walkabout, thanking people. They should have just been in the moment instead of just behind a screen. x

  • Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    Yes it is very sad times. I will never get those who turn it into a social media competition. Clearly just trying to get their mugshots in on the picture. They are disrespectful fools. (And that’s putting it nicely).
    It is so surprising at how even little ones are so upset by Her Majesty’s passing. My boy got quite tearful! The Queen obviously made a huge impact on many people’s lives. x

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