Cultivating your personal brand

Have you ever had the experience where someone walks into a room and you instinctively want to know them better. That’s a great talent to have if you are in business or trying to promote a cause. It’s also marvelous if you are hoping to make personal connections. I am sharing some thoughts on cultivating your personal brand.

What is your personal brand?

Your personal brand is all about the individual you are. What are your values and how do you express those to other people. Companies use branding all the time to communicate with potential clients, employees and stakeholders. You can harness the same ideas to promote yourself socially or in the workplace. Did you know it is thought that 85% of recruitment professionals say that a job candidate’s personal brand makes a difference to how they view them and whether they get the job or not. It’s interesting how many firms describe the personal interests of their staff as well as their professional expertise as on this website.

What do you want your personal brand to say?

You want demonstrate your particular strengths and to show that you are trustworthy. Depending on who you are trying to impress, your quirkiness might be something you want to express loud and clear. Perhaps you are famous for being the woman who wears cowboys hats from for example. At other times, it may be your conservatism that is your selling point to others.

Your online personal brand

We already spent heaps of time online before the arrival of the global pandemic. Nowadays, so many employers and people we want to impress can be found on social media or via video call technology. Learn the tricks of the trade for different platforms. On LinkedIn you will need a professional looking photograph and to be using the jargon those you are trying to impress use. Join relevant groups, make introductions and ensure your profile is completed. On Twitter, think carefully about your bio, use relevant hashtags and retweet those you would like to come to the notice of. It’s a game but is is a powerful one.

Your offline personal brand

It matters what you do in the real world too whether at home, in the community or on when travelling for work or leisure. People are watching you! Whereas you can hide some things online, in the real world things need to be on point so ensure you are using mouthwash from for example. Great personal hygiene helps people want to mix with you. Be careful that the impact of substances such as alcohol don’t impair your judgement so that you do something that really does not fit with the image you want the world to have of you.

Key skills to develop your personal brand

You need to know yourself well before you can promote your personal brand to the world? If you are just like everyone else, it is challenging to stand out. It is OK to come up with a plan to become the very best version of yourself through personal development and training. If you have lost sight of who you are it’s a great idea to get feedback from friends, family and colleagues.

How would you describe your personal brand?



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