Helping Your Kid Adjust to Living on Their Own

When it comes to your child moving out of the home to go attend college, there’s nothing that can really prepare you. Their first year, of course, will be a breeze – they will likely live in student accommodation, be able to meet friends, and in some cases won’t even have to worry about cooking. Their first year leaves you with less to worry about than their second, because it is in their second year that they start looking at 1 bedroom rentals and finally move out on their own.

Living in student accommodation is entirely different than renting a house or apartment. It means they have to learn how to co-habit with their roommates, how to clean, how to cook, how to pay utilities bills and rent and how to be independent. Student accommodations are a great first step, but it is only once they move into their first rented apartment or house that your children will have really experienced adulthood.

As a parent there is quite a lot that you can do to help them make this transition, starting with the move. It is important that they are the ones who choose their roommates, contact a local real estate agent, and choose their property. These are very big steps to take and should be taken on their own. It is after they arrange viewings that you can start to help:

Give Them a List on What to Look For

Viewing properties on your own for the first time is daunting enough, and it can be easy to miss very key details. That is why you should give your son or daughter a list of what to check for that they can have on them when they house hunt. Flushing the toilets, checking for mold, if the windows are doubled paned, and so on are all crucial when it comes to deciding a flat, and having a handy checklist in front of them can help them make a good decision.

Help Them Move In

When it comes time to move in, there are so many possibilities. You can likely move in furniture from home, along with more personal belongings from their room to make their new accommodation homelier. Rather than stress yourself out on how you will move, say, a couch, you should hire professionals from Suddath Jacksonville. They can pack up everything that your child needs from your home to make their new home feel like theirs.

Explain How to Pay Bills

Though utilities companies aim to make paying bills as easy as possible, it can still be daunting as a young adult, which is why you should work with your child so that they know how to pay these bills. This includes suggesting signing up to third-party companies so that you can pay rent or bills equally amongst the rest of his roommates, so that no one will ever owe anyone else money.

Moving to your first real apartment is huge. It can also go horribly wrong if you choose the wrong place. That is why you as the parent should help your child out to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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