9 Clear Signs You’re An Adult

Oh, adulthood is something we all cannot wait for when we’re children, and then we get there and the reality slaps us in the face. Adulthood is filled with way more responsibilities and rules compared to childhood, but until you get there you don’t believe anyone who tells you that! 

There is no big adult magical moment where you realise you’re a grown up – it just happens and then you regret wishing away being a child! However, if you do want to know the signs you are really an adult now, and you can’t pass yourself off as a teenager anymore, we’ve got nine clear signs you’re there. Here they are:

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  1. You Have Bills – And You Gotta Pay ‘Em! No one is paying your bills for you, and along with bills, you deal with other money issues from debts to a Think Finance settlement because you fought for your money. Bills are there, and they don’t go away – they happen every month forever!
  2. Ouch, You Slept Funny! Pain is a staple of adulthood. Whether it’s back pain because you slept weirdly, or neck pain because you turned too fast, there’s pain somewhere!
  3. Family Planning. It’s a moment in adulthood that can – of course – also happen to teenagers. But often, teenagers don’t sit around planning a family and dealing with infertility. Adults, on the other hand, do!
  4. Free Time. Sorry, what? As a child, you envision yourself with hours and hours of luxury time to do whatever you like – because you’re a grown up. Nope, that doesn’t happen because you’re an adult now. Free time is filled with work to pay the bills and plan the family we mentioned earlier!
  5. You Fix Things. Light bulb blown? You replace it. Tire punctured? You replace that, too. Vase broken? Out comes the superglue. As an adult, maintenance is YOUR job now, not your parents. Sucks, doesn’t it?
  6. No One Wakes You Up. As a kid, your Mum wakes you in the morning and gets you where you need to be when you need to be there. As an adult, you get to commute to work and add up to three hours of travel time on your day while you question all of your life choices.
  7. Friendships Have Changed. As a child, you meet someone, and they’re your friend. As an adult, that falls away. Friendships come with timetabling and scheduling and differing politics pushes you apart. It’s sad, but often necessary
  8. You Cook The Dinner. You know as a child when you are waiting around for your parents to cook your meal? Well, that’s your job now. You’re spending time making the meals for the week, shopping for them and cooking them. Lucky you!
  9. It’s Normal. As a kid, responsibility feels scary. As an adult, it feels perfectly reasonable to be in charge of your own wellbeing and safety.

If you’ve nodded your way through this, you’re in debt and you haven’t got any food in the house – congratulations, you’re an adult!

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