What to consider when buying jewellery

An elegant piece of jewellery is one of the most thoughtful and timeless gifts that you can give to a loved one. If you choose correctly, it could become a heritage piece that they keep with them throughout their lives before passing on to the next generation. As well as making an excellent gift, you will never regret treating yourself to a stunning piece of statement jewellery. However, knowing what to look out for when you are buying jewellery, and making sure that you are getting the most for your money can soon become overwhelming, especially if you are buying online. To help you make sense of it all, here are some things for you to consider when buying jewellery.

Metal type

From classic gold and silver to a more modern platinum and rose gold, and stunning white gold, jewellery comes in all different types of metals. When choosing a metal type, consider what will best suit the skin tone of the wearer: gold jewellery really pops on warmer skin tones whereas silver looks striking on cooler tones. It’s also worthwhile considering the predominant metal in the rest of your jewellery collection to ensure that you can mix and match. You don’t, for instance, want a single silver necklace in a collection of gold.

Meaningful jewellery

As well as providing fun frosting to an outfit, a lot of jewellery holds special significance to the wearer. This could be due to its being a significant piece, such as a wedding ring or a crucifix bought for a first holy communion, or a slightly more generic piece bought for a special birthday. To make your jewellery gift even more special, you could choose a piece that has the birthstone of your loved one – a particularly thoughtful idea for a birthday present. Or, you could even add a meaningful engraving on a bangle or pendant to cement the occasion. Check out for other meaningful jewellery ideas.


Fine jewellery might have a reputation as a luxury item, but fortunately, there is something available to suit every budget. While you can understandably expect to pay a lot of money for pure 24K gold, look for jewellery with a lower carat if you can’t resist the luxury of gold. Alternatively, sterling silver is often cheaper than gold and looks stunning on many skin tones. If you are after precious stones but sadly lack a diamond budget, choose jewellery that uses high-quality replicants such as cubic zirconium, or cheaper semi-precious gemstones like amethyst and citrine.


Like many other accessories, jewellery comes in different styles to suit every taste. For a classic, elegant look, opt for elegant fine jewellery that compliments each other. Or, if you want a high glam catwalk effect, go for chunky statement pieces in avant-garde shapes. Bear in mind, however, that different sizes of jewellery best suit different bone structures. Delicate pieces look elegant on smaller bone structures, whereas larger bone structures can really pull off impactful statement pieces.

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