Tips For A Perfect Christmas

Tips for a perfect Christmas that you dream of

How do you have the perfect Christmas? That is what we are all asking ourselves at this time of year. The television tries to tell us how to do it in a certain way often with mixed messages even within the same programme. Your perfect Christmas might include dinner on Christmas Day in Cheshire or even a trip overseas. We are all different and today I am sharing my ideas on a perfect Christmas or at least a good enough one. This post is all about tips for a perfect Christmas.


Christmas breakfast

We plan so much food for Christmas and yet often forget all about breakfast in the rush to get to the piles of presents. You could just grab toast but on a special day it is nice to do something that little bit different. I highly recommend Spanish baked eggs or perhaps some special pastries. One thing is for sure if children are hungry, their behaviour is likely to be worse so do treat breakfast as a priority.

Get outdoors for a perfect Christmas

I have often made the mistake of staying in all day on 25 December. Over the years I have learned that every day is a better one if I get out to enjoy nature and to fuel my emotional wellbeing with Vitamin D. Take the dog and children out early in the day. If you think that might be a challenge, ensure some of the Christmas gifts are to be used outdoors whether a bike or swing ball. If older relatives fall asleep in the afternoon, this is also a fantastic time to take a stroll.

5 Tips For A Perfect Christmas

Make it easy on yourself

Too many women get so very stressed at this time of year. That leads to everyone having a great time except the very person who has probably put most effort into the whole deal. I admire my Mum so much who one year announced that would be the last time she did Christmas dinner. We were all shocked but we went out after that mixing with other happy families and eating a meal prepared for us at various restaurants. Whatever aspect of Christmas you struggle with most, ask yourself whether it really needs to happen at all. If you feel you do have to do it, work out just how you can make it easier on yourself. It is your Christmas too!

Do it your way

The perfect Christmas is the one that is done your way. As well as ensuring you don’t feel overwhelmed, you can incorporate things that make your day special. For me, that is ensuring we keep to simple traditions that remind me of my childhood. We open our gifts in age order from youngest to oldest. That means you get the enjoyment of your family members’ reactions as well as just a focus on your own presents. You don’t have to do Christmas the way that your neighbours, folks on social media or the television suggests you should.

Be realistic

Christmas Day is just 24 hours in one whole year. Have a good one if you can but if that is challenging for whatever reason, aim to have a peaceful one. Look after yourself so you can have energy for your loved ones. Be realistic about your budget for the day. That will save a whole heap of stress and mean you are not facing a mountain of debt come the New Year.


Do you have tips for a perfect Christmas to share with my readers?



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  • The Queen of Collage

    As a new parent it is so easy to get wrapped up in worry over having the perfect Christmas. It’s true it comes down to individualism. What your experiences have been in the past that have made things magical and what makes you you. #MMBC

  • Rosie Doal

    Great tips here, Kate. And you’re right, do it your way and definitely only agree to do what you can. We take too much on and then wonder why we haven’t enjoyed ourselves as much as we should x #StayClassyMama

  • Spectrum Mum (@SpectrumMum_)

    Oh I loved this Kate. You are so right about doing it your way. I loved the getting outdoors tip too. We definitely need that in our family! Thanks for sharing. #POCOLO

  • mackenzieglanville

    I really love this post, well done putting it together! I always feel overwhelmed by Christmas, I love Christmas Eve when it is just us and we all get in new PJ’s and watch a movie and watch the Melbourne Carols by Candlelight no pressure just snuggles. Thanks for sharing this post with us for #AbloggingGoodTime

  • Daydreamer mum

    I absolutely agree with making things easier for yourself. There are no prizes for exhausting yourself being a festive martyr #blogcrush

  • Heather Keet

    I refuse to wear myself out on Christmas day. Hubster helps with the cooking and clean up – if there even is any. We love to eat out on that day at a restaurant right down the road. #GlobalBlogging

  • anywaytostayathome

    Love this, I couldn’t agree with you more, since I started doing Christmas in a way that worked for us and stopped worrying about everyone else so much it has been way more fun and not at all stressful #TwinklyTuesday

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