Tips To Take Care Of Yourself As A Parent
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Tips to Take Care of Yourself as a Parent

As a parent, your number one priority is taking care of your kids. Your day-to-day activities revolve around making sure they’re happy and healthy. This is everything from feeding them to help with school and driving them to activities. On top of that, you have to deal with household chores and work. Sometimes you need tips to take care of yourself as a parent. It’s time to step back and take a little time for yourself! Learning to do things for you will be essential because one day your kids will leave the nest. In honor of Women’s Health Week, May 12th-18th, here are some tips to keep your sanity as a parent!

Tips To Take Care Of Yourself As A Parent

Prioritize Time for Yourself

As I mentioned earlier, parenting can consume your whole day. It’s important to prioritize yourself at least once a week. Schedule out 1 hour of uninterrupted time every week where you can relax and do what you want. This time shouldn’t be a part of your work or parenting schedule, like your morning commute or lunch hour. This is a separate time just for yourself! It’s important to get some breathing room so you don’t have to think about chores, the kids or work.

Home Spa Day

Spas can be expensive so do it yourself at home! Pamper yourself for an hour or two. You may not be a massage therapist, but you can still treat yourself. Something as simple as exfoliating with a body scrub and then soaking in the bath will make you feel like a brand new person. If you love skincare, consider getting a cream with retinol to help with fine lines. Taking these small steps can help you prevent the “mom burnout.”

Schedule a Weekly Get Together

Once the kids move out, you’ll realize you’ll have a lot more free time on your hands. To prepare for that day, plan things for yourself now. Reach out to a friend to schedule a weekly lunch where you can catch up. Being busy with the kids and work can make it hard to keep in touch with people even if they live less than 5 minutes away. This may seem like an impossible task for some so try to make it a goal. If you can’t make it, reach out via phone. Having a support system outside of your partner can be a great way to get a different perspective on life!

Donate Old Clothes

This tip isn’t about getting your to-do list done! It’s about doing that one chore you’ve been avoiding. Go through your closet and get rid of any clothes you haven’t worn in 3 months. Eliminating clothes that are cluttering your closet and taking up space in your drawers will feel refreshing. Plus, you can feel accomplished and donate the clothes to a local charity.

Plan a trip

Get out of the old routine and take a trip for the weekend. Creating memories with your kids is very important before they’re gone. The trip doesn’t have to be far. Finding a cool local attraction will still be a memorable experience as a family! Take pictures and get them framed so that your kids will always remember the trip.

Never feel guilty for prioritizing your own mental health as a parent! It’s important to take care of yourself so you can be there for your kids whether or not they’re still at home. Being a sane parent makes life easier for you and your kids.

Do you have any top tips to take care of yourself as a parent?

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