Ways To Improve Your Community

Ways to Improve Your Community via your website

There are tons of different tools, brands, and plugins you could choose to work with to run your website, but not all have your best interest in mind. Some brands only want to sell a product without providing customer service, while others spend the money on dubious causes that help the rich in Silicon Valley. However, there are a few companies on the web that give back along with providing a great customer experience. Here are three brands to try showing ways to improve your community when launching your website.

Host Your Website on GoDaddy to Support STEM

GoDaddy is one of the most popular and affordable web hosting companies on the market. They make it easy for your website to go live and have the security protocols to keep it running against any possible attacks or scammers. This gives your blog or website a clean, professional feel that will make users want to visit it.
Considering GoDaddy needs to stay on top of industry trends to be competitive in the digital market, it makes sense that their charitable giving involves technology. They work with various organizations that promote STEM, education, and entrepreneurship to tap into the next generation’s great minds and ideas. Working with them means investing in tomorrow’s next big ideas.

Shutterfly Is Great at Photo Storage and Community Involvement


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Shutterfly offers photo storage on their app, which is great for bloggers who snap photos on the go and quickly fill up their phone capacity. High quality images draw readers in and make sharing easier. Plus, this website is a go-to for ordering prints and sending gifts to friends and family. However, they offer more than just tools for bloggers. The Shutterfly Foundation is run by employee volunteers and has been creating good within communities since 2006.

Through monetary donations and organizational assistance, the Shutterfly Foundation is one of the ways to improve your community by making things happier and safer for the residents who live there. This might mean building a playground for kids or a vegetable community garden where families can grow their own food. Shutterfly makes sure the communities they visit are brighter and better off because of their help.

Write Reviews and Send Readers to Taste of Groupon

Local food bloggers are often the first to try new restaurants and share their opinions with audiences. The business appreciates the press while the audiences run to try the hot new spot in town. Now, bloggers can increase the value of their reviews to both parties by linking restaurant reviews to Groupon deals and coupons.
Groupon has partnered with Feeding America to donate one meal every time a customer buys an offer. This is just one part of their Groupon Grassroots movement, which tries to give back to local communities in the area. So far, more than 1,500 campaigns have been started through the Groupon Grassroots movement, and more than $8 million has been donated to local causes. This means buying from Groupon is a great way to save money while helping those around you.

Talking of discounts and voucher codes, do check out Deals Queen as soon as you can.

Now you can start growing your site traffic and engagement all the while knowing you’re helping others in need.

Do you have other ways to improve your community to share with  my readers?

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