Common and Uncommon Piercing Options

Piercings are a great way for people to express their personalities on the outside, just like clothing and makeup. Suppose you are one of the people who love having extra room for jewelry but still haven’t gotten around to having your piercing just yet. Perhaps you aren’t sure which piercing you should get, this handy list of the most common and uncommon can help you out. 

Common Piercings

The most popular piercings tend to heal easier and hurt less. They also are more commonly seen in the workplace, making them more accepted by wider society (if that bothers you). 

Belly Button – The navel piercing isn’t too painful, easy to care for, and rose to popularity in the 90s. There is a wide range of belly button piercing jewelry available, and it is easy to change out the balls by yourself. 

Nostril – Where once you would only see a standard single nostril piercing. It isn’t uncommon to see people with high nostril piercings and several regular nostril piercings too. Nostril piercings take a while to heal up, but you can wear many hoop or stud styles once healed. 

Ears – The ear lobes and helix are the most common type of piercing. However, the ear, in general, has many options from tragus, diath, rook, anti-tragus, and more. It is versatile and easy to care for. Lobe stretching is becoming more popular too. Using plugs and tunnels has always been a great way to add something unique and interesting to your look. 

Lip – the labret piercing, where a stud will below the bottom lip in the middle is popular. There is a wide range of lip piercing options, much like the ear there is something for everyone. 

Uncommon Piercings

Even the most uncommon piercings are gaining popularity now. They are more acceptable in broader society and in the workplace. 

Corset Piercing – this is one for people who really like to dedicate themselves to a look. The corset piercing has multiple hoops and piercing sites on the back, either side of the spine. It can then be carefully laced up and will look like a corset. It takes a lot of effort to lace them but, but the effect is stunning. 

Bridge – the bridge of the nose piercing makes a great addition if you have a regular nostril piercing and a high nostril piercing on each side. As the name suggests, the bridge is on the bridge of the nose. Each end of the barbell is exposed just below your brows. This will depend on the height of the piercing. 

Legs – potentially one of the more unusual piercings, but you can have a barbell through your Achilles tendon. If that idea is a touch too far, you might opt to highlight leg tattoos with micro dermal piercings. This is a single point surface piercing. A small anchor will be placed under the skin, and the jewelry will be anchored to it. 

It should be noted that a micro dermal piercing can be placed almost anywhere, but they can sometimes grow out. 

Whichever piercing you choose, you must maintain a cleaning routine to keep your piercing infection-free and healthy. 


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