Knee high boots

Knee high boots and I have an odd relationship, When I was younger, I felt they were way too sexy for someone like me to wear. By the time my confidence kicked in, I was very overweight and could not find any that would fit my chubby calves.

I bought some with the intention of losing weight and I actually did perhaps motivated by the killer knee high boots in black. I wore them everywhere and they were so comfy I even used them in the house as possibly the most stylish pair of slippers ever. I wore them so much that eventually they became very tatty.

I was delighted when I was asked to review a pair from of knee high boots from JDWilliams.

I love boots of all types. At college I never wore anything else and people used to comment on that as part of my quirky character. So I had good fun looking at the diverse range of boots on the JDWilliams website. I was also really impressed to see that they cater for ladies with small or big calves – inspired!

It took me a while to decide but look at these beauties!

knee high boots

They are so classy and arrived in beautiful packaging and feel like such a treat for my feet.

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