Finding The Perfect Prom Dress
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Finding the perfect prom dress

Finding the perfect prom dress can seem like a huge challenge but I like to think of it as a whole lot of fun. Proms are increasingly popular and a time to make lasting memories. Some of those memories can be made as you anticipate the night itself and choose your perfect prom dress. Here are my tips to find a prom dress to suit you before your big day.

Prom Dress

Take your time when finding the perfect prom dress

Don’t leave choosing your prom dress until the last minute. I have made mistakes like this including with my wedding dress and it leads to stress particularly if your dress will need altering at all.

Even months before the prom you can have so much fun looking at fashion magazines, fashion sites on the Internet and perhaps you will take your inspiration from the Oscars or other red carpet events.

Decide on a budget for the prom dress and remember to factor in things like handbags and accessories.

Your face and body shapes

Study the shape of your face as this can be helpful in deciding what sort of neckline to go for and there are many choices including sweetheart, cowl and Sabrina. Perhaps you are inspired by Meghan Markle’s bateau neckline from her wedding dress?

Next be honest about your body shape and look online to find out the dress shapes that will flatter your figure most.  You can study all the tips on this online making it so much easier than in the old days when you just had to go with your gut instinct really.

Material, length and colour choices

What material would you like? I love chiffon and silk but your thing might be velvet or lace.

Colour is another thing to choose. Black is a classic choice and can be jazzed up with  jewellery. White is another traditional favourite but can look too bridal if you don’t take care. I like to wear bright and light colours because I have had my colour analysis done and know these show me at my best. I would highly recommend you have your colour analysis done before selecting your prom dress.

What about the length? Too long and you might trip up and too short and you may spend the whole evening tugging your skirt down or flashing more thigh than you intended.

Think positive

Try to focus on your good bits. Women and girls have a very self-sabotaging habit of worrying about the parts of their body they like least. Bear in mind someone else might find the feature you hate your most attractive feature. Also everyone can find something they love about themselves. So if you don’t like your tummy area but feel you have great legs, choose a dress that will show off those pins and skim over the tummy area. Even better learn to love yourself inside and out 100 per cent but sadly that takes some of us a bit of time to master. Know the celebrities that you think are all that also have their insecurities.

The last words

Go forth and enjoy your evening and remember the best make-up is a smile!

What is your favourite style of prom dress?

Do you have tips on finding the perfect prom dress?

Finding The Perfect Prom Dress





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