How To Pose Like A Pro

How to pose like a pro at the prom



Have you ever wondered how the catwalk pros learn to strut their stuff? Every movement seems to connect to the one before, like a carefully choreographed routine that is so smooth, and if you would like to have all the moves this spring and summer and wow your friends at the prom, here are some tips on how to pose like a pro.

How to pose like a pro

 The Knee Pop – This pose is a common sight on all the best catwalks, and is a great way to show off your footwear. It works on the left or right side, by putting all your weight on one foot, then lifting the other leg up while pushing your knee forward, with the ball of your foot still on the ground. A slightly inward tilt finishes off this cool stance, and don’t forget to practice a few times in front of the mirror. If you have yet to choose your prom gown, there are online stores with perfect prom dresses & prom gowns to choose from, and you can practice the knee pop while wearing your gown.

 The Ankle Cross – Be very careful with this one, as it looks hideous if not performed well. Step forward and slightly over, keeping your weight on the front foot, or you can shift your weight to the back foot and lean back a little. Remember to keep both feet on the ground, otherwise you will look like a puppet with poor string control. Ideal for those girls with long, model-type legs, avoid this one if you are a little on the short side, as it just doesn’t work. If you’re deadly serious, check out Elle’s “How to pose like a red carpet pro” and similar articles, which you simply must read!

Pose Like A Pro

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 The Over-the-Shoulder – This classic pose is not for the faint of heart, as getting it wrong might even bring forth a titter or two. Lots of practice needed for this one girls, and by walking away from the photographer, stop, plant your feet firmly on the ground, and glance back at the camera over your right shoulder. The trick is not to turn your head so much that you look like a doll with a twisted neck, and as a guide, you should just about be able to see the camera out of the corner of your eye. Lots and lots of drilling needed with this classic photo shoot pose, otherwise, save it for another day.

Pose Like A Pro

Image Source: Unsplash

 Hand On The Hip – An easy way to stand in a casual, yet professional way, the hand on the hip works best when you drop your shoulders slightly. The trick here is to make it look natural, and that will take some practice. A couple of days before the prom, don that sparkling dress, put on your shoes and strut through the poses with your eyes glued to the full-length mirror, and if you really want some in-depth study, get your friend to video as you go through your routine.

It is a strange feeling seeing yourself on film, but resist that and focus on your movements with a critical eye. The pros spent years perfecting their moves, and, just like everything else, the more you practice, the better you’ll get!

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