How Has Technology Impacted the Fashion Industry?

Much like all of the other areas of our lives, technology has continued to play an increasing role, influencing how we interact with things that are of interest to us, as well as innovating how things are made, and making production processes ever more efficient.

The fashion industry is no exception. In fact, it is one of the leading examples of how technology can revolutionize an industry – after all, back during the industrial revolution, it was the creation of efficient, highly capable machinery that ensured the textiles industry boomed on a scale that is still remembered today.

However, in this article, when mentioning technology, we’ll be talking about the very recent past, and particularly the impact of computers, the internet, and social media. In a world where online platforms are a part of many people’s lives, fashion lends itself to them perfectly – being something that can be enjoyed both casually and as a hobby or profession, as well as being visually appealing art in and of itself.

Read on to find out how technology has recently impacted the fashion industry.


One aspect of fashion that the internet has had an undoubted role in improving is accessibility, both in terms of becoming a fan of fashion and taking it on as a hobby, as well as actually getting your hands on particular clothing items.

In the past, for those who didn’t live near a large retail center or in towns or cities, it would have been extremely difficult to gain a foothold in the fashion world, especially if they weren’t able to get hold of the magazines and physical publications that were showing off the biggest trends of the time.

However, nowadays, fashion is incredibly widespread both on television and on the internet, whether it’s fashion blogs talking about wedding dresses, or live coverage from a prestigious runway exhibition.


Just as it’s been easier for consumers to access fashion and the news and trends, it’s also become easier for the brands and manufacturers to reach you too – all down to the power of technology being so openly available and used in our society.

While marketing and advertising have always been important for fashion, with the industry no stranger to television shows and adverts, or news publications and full-page commercials, using mobile phones and similar devices means brands can look to advertise to you at every available opportunity.

Advertising cookies mean that brands have access to relevant data regarding the websites you visit, giving them a great idea of what sort of products you will be interested in.


Technology has also played a huge role in the manufacturing and distribution side of the industry too.

With such a range of computers and laptops available, ranging all the way from Lenovo School Tablets to hugely powerful, specialized industrial machines, these devices help to power and coordinate automation devices that can create garments at a highly efficient rate.

AI has also begun to play a role within the fashion manufacturing space.



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