Benefits Of Owning A Dehumidifier
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Benefits of owning a dehumidifier

I managed to get through decades without owning or knowing much about dehumidifiers. I first became interested when  we had damp in the house. Certain rooms seemed to breed mould and mildew which was both unsightly and worried me as I am not a big fan of using harsh domestic chemical cleaning products.The sheer ugliness of the mildew made me wonder if this would be having a bad effect on the health of my family. I made Google my friend and found out some quite scary reasons why getting a dehumidifier should be my next step. Here are the benefits of owning a dehumidifier.

Allergies – benefits of owning a dehumidifier

Allergies can be triggered by humidity. I started looking closely at my children for signs of allergies such as stuffy nose, irritated eyes, sneezing, wheezing and skin complaints. I have always had a terrible fear of my children getting asthma knowing it can be fatal. I think this comes of knowing a little boy who suffered long before I became a parent myself. I remember he lived in a farm cottage and how his mum would put tea towels around windows as there was so much moisture. As it was clear my new home had big moisture levels I decided to find out far more about dehumidifiers.

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

It’s blatantly obvious really but I had to check and found out that dehumidifiers do reduce humidity levels.  That means health should improve and  also that you will get rid of unpleasant odours associated with a too moist environment.  Amazingly, as humidity levels change your food can go stale less quickly, the threat to your technology of rust and general family health improves super fast. As a non-domestic goddess, the fact that dust levels are reduced too is a huge plus.

Our experience with our dehumidifier

My husband had worried out dehumidifier would be a noisy beast. The reality is that it just quietly gets on with its work once you switch it on. It really does suck up moisture and the tank filled in the  most satisfying way proving that the machine was doing its job whilst we could get on with everyday life. Mould levels reduced to almost nothing and were easy to tackle when cleaning making me feel I was keeping on top of things.

Signs You Need a Dehumidifier

Look around your home for the clues to too much humidity. You might notice water stains on walls or ceilings. Look out for rooms that have poor ventilation such as those without a window. Do you get loads of condensation on your windows? Is there a musty smell in your home? Perhaps like me you will spot the black staining of mould and mildew.

Benefits OF Owning A Dehumidifier

Look into the different sizes and models available to find the dehumidifier tht is perfect for your particular needs and budget.

Did you know about the benefits of owning a dehumidifier before reading this post?




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