Four Reasons To Save For Retirement Now

Jimmy Choo shoes. Louboutin sandals. Fruit-infused cocktails. All of these things are SO much fun to spend money on when you have it, but there are some serious things that you should be spending money on and one of those is your retirement. I know, I know; you’re young and you want to just get on and enjoy your career and your partying, but you need to think bigger than that. 

Life isn’t all about shoes and cocktails – no matter what Carrie Bradshaw says. It’s so important that you are taking as much responsibility for your financial future as you would the club that you head to on a Friday night. Retirement planning, researching the best exchange to buy Bitcoin, opening a savings account and getting a mortgage may all sound like scary, grown-up things to do, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be doing it. You need to plan for your retirement properly so that you can ensure that you have something to live on once you stop working. Here are four reasons to start now and manage your money so you can fit in your retirement around your shoes!

  1. The earlier the better. Saving for retirement is easier the longer you do it. The interest builds up and you can enjoy more of a retirement if you do this from your 20s. Don’t panic if you haven’t started yet, though, because you can still catch up and make sure that your retirement has the best return and you can actually retire healthily in your bank account.
  2. Set financial goals. You can still buy your shoes or your games consoles or your new car. You just have to make sure that you are prioritizing what needs to be prioritized first – so add your retirement into your budget and you can ensure that you have a savings plan going on outside your makeup pot!
  3. Ask your boss. If you are working for a new company, make sure that you are in a retirement plan that can save you money on your taxes. You want to save your money but you don’t want to get it torn apart with tax money?
  4. You can match. Another good reason to save for your retirement right now is because your employer could potentially match you. If you pay in a certain amount of money, your employer can match your retirement contribution and basically double what you’re putting in. 


It doesn’t matter where you are in life, saving toward your future is always a great idea. You should always think about what you want from your retirement years, which means that you need to plan ahead and make sure that your retirement is going to be a fruitful one! Don’t lag behind when you can start putting into a savings pot or purpose-built retirement plan today. You shouldn’t have to give up all your luxuries in life, just make sure that you prioritize your savings for your future as a commitment.

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