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Girl Gone Greek Book Review

A weird thing is happening to me in lockdown. I have a few books to read but seem reluctant to pick them up much. When I do I find it hard to focus and escape into the story as I would normally do. This is annoying as obviously I have plenty of time and space in my current situation to get some good reading done. Interestingly, I also find dramas on the television seem to go so slowly. I am starting to believe that because the Coornavirus crisis is changing all the time that everything else seems to go at a much slower pace. Anyway, without further ado, here is my Girl Gone Greek book review.

Girl Gone Greek

The book appealed to me as it is about a woman changing her life by moving overseas. Rachel takes a TEFL course and becomes a teacher in a remote village in Greece. My brother spent many months in Greece for several years and hoped to retire there. Unfortunately, his dream went wrong through no fault of his own or indeed his Greek island.  I welcomed the idea of learning more about a country he loves. There was also a sense of Rachel rebelling against conformity and that excited me too when reading the blurb about the book.

The story

It is important to note that this is a memoir rather than a novel. We follow Rachel from her TEFL class through to the end of her first year in Greece. Like anyone moving abroad, the cultural differences will sometimes challenge her and she will stumble with the language from time to time. She will also delight in the very diverse characters she meets along the way. At the end of the book she has to make the decision whether to stay or go from the place she has called home for a year.

The characters

As this is a memoir, we meet the characters that Rachel does from teenage students to her employer’s family. My favourite character was Kaliopi who becomes Rachel’s friend. She purports to hate the Greek village with a passion and has a language all of her own. I liked that she was a little incorrigible and full of life.

Girl Gone Greek book review

Rachel’s memoir is a pleasant enough read. It is a short read at just 181 pages. If you have never lived abroad, it might spark an interest in doing so. I found myself wanting to meet the characters more often than is possible in such a short book and to hear more about their back stories. In a similar way, Greek politics are touched upon but not in any real depth. This book is a snapshot in time of one woman’s journey.


Once again, I would remind you that this review was written right in the middle of the Coronavirus period. I may enjoy the book more at another time. There are some really great reviews on Amazon which I would encourage you to check out.


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  • Catherine @ Story Snug

    I was hoping to read more during lockdown too but I’m more picky about books than usual. This sounds like the perfect length and I love that it’s a memoir although right now I’m torn between wanting to read about normal life and missing it!

    Take good care of yourself and don’t stress about achieving lots. I’ve decided that going slowly and letting my mind wander is also important right now, it feels less cluttered when I do, if that makes sense!


  • sarahmo3w

    I’ve heard of a few people struggling to read in lockdown. I think I’m averaging about the same as usual, although I will have days when I read a lot and days when I only manage four pages at bedtime.
    It’s a shame the book is so short, but I suppose as it’s a memoir based on only a year of her life, there wasn’t really much more material available!

  • mumjd

    I’m struggling to read too currently but I do like the sound of this. My knowledge of Greek islands is limited to Mamma Mia #readwithme

  • Tracey Carr

    At least you are reading Kate, I do envy that at times. I understand you feeling distracted, I think we all experience that at times during this lockdown. Stick with it though (as I’m sure you will). It’s lovely to see a book review online! #globalblogging

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