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What is sports massage physiotherapy?

My son is at Exeter University studying politics and sociology. He emails a fair bit and phones me when he needs to chat, to borrow money or to seek my guidance. He has had a bit of an accident resulting in him having a lot of foot pain. This has meant he has not felt up to walking to lectures on occasion which is far from ideal. I am saying this not because I expect him to be a perfect student but because he likes face-to-face learning. Too much of his university life has consisted of online learning which he hates. My son was convinced his foot was broken but an X-Ray and further investigations suggest ligament damage. He telephoned to ask me what is sports massage physiotherapy after his house mate suggested it might help him get better.

sports massage physiotherapy

What is Sport Massage Physiotherapy?

My research shows me that sports massage physiotherapy is a hands on treatment working on a body’s soft tissue and myofascial structures. Well ligaments are soft tissue so it seems my son’s friend may be on to something. I remember a bad fall many years ago on a dog walk where I damaged my ligaments. The intense pain lasted for weeks and immobilized me a lot. Tearing or overstretching ligaments around your foot area is no fun at all.

Do you have to be sporty to benefit from sports massage?

My son is very much an academic with no real interest in sport. He is very much his mother’s son in that regard. Apparently, he had visited a sport equipment outlet recently as his physiotherapist had suggested a visit to the gym. He reported feeling totally out of place and a bit overwhelmed. I encouraged him to listen to his medical advice and to move outside of his comfort zone in the interests of getting better soon.

Sports massage for non-athletes

My son will never be an athlete but it turns out he will benefit from sports massage physiotherapy in multiple ways both physiological and psychological advantages. The massage will set off those wonderful endorphins reducing the pain he experiences. My son has had a very troublesome few years. He was rushed into hospital just days after starting at university thus missing out on those initial contacts with staff and peers. Just after he got out of hospital, his best friend died in a car accident. There was the shock of a global pandemic and the breakdown of his parents’ marriage to contend with too. It pleases me to know that sports massage physiotherapy helps with relaxation, the reduction of anxiety and the improvement of mood.

Sports massage for athletes

Sports massage involves fast-paced movements and stretches that can really invigorate sports people ready for their efforts on track or field. It can make them more flexible which has to be a benefit. It can even break down existing scar tissue from previous injuries thereby reducing the risk of further injury. To be honest, sports massage physiotherapy is super powerful as it widens your blood vessels increasing the ability of nutrients to flow through and delivers oxygen to the affected area. You can use it be as a pre-workout stretch for warming up the muscles or used as a post-workout session designed to reduce soreness.

Sports massage for my son

I advised my son that he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying sports massage physiotherapy whether he considers himself to be sporty or not. I look forward to hearing how it goes.


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