Planning the Summer Holidays

With half term behind us, the summer holidays are coming on fast and if you have children you know it takes planning to to organise. For your kids the summer holidays are rest and freedom, but you need to think about childcare, activities, education, exercise and more.

Today we’re taking a look at a few of the things you need to plan for in the summer holidays, so you can feel confident as they get closer.

Getting Outdoors

Getting your family outdoors for the day can be a fun family bonding activity, if you can find a way to make it work for everyone. For adults, a long walk in the countryside may be the perfect way to spend a summer day but it could challenge the energy levels and attention of younger children. Try to take into account everyone’s needs – a slightly shorter walk, or one with longer rests, for example can help shorter legs keep up, and building a walk around an activity like a Treasure Trails scavenger hunt, with puzzles, clues and a fun narrative to follow, can help to keep smaller children engaged with the activity.

Sharing Responsibilities

If you’ve made friends with other parents at the school gates, this might be the time to firm up those relationships. Getting together with one or more other families to pool childcare can make all the difference in the long weeks of the summer holidays. Your kids get a playdate with their friends and you get a day off child care to relax, or focus more fully on other things – as long as you’re willing to return the favour!

Camps and Clubs

While Summer Camp is less of a feature of the UK holidays than the US, there are still plenty of activities organised over the summer that give your children chances to try new things, learn new skills, exercise and get out of the house for a week or more – though few are residential.

Look for opportunities in your area – from sports teams to drama courses, there are plenty of different ways to enrich your children’s summer holidays and give yourself time off childcare.

Don’t Fill Every Moment

One thing children lack for in the 21st century is boredom – and experts believe it’s vital to the development of a healthy personality. Don’t be so concerned with filling every minute of the summer holidays with improving, diverting activities that take away a child’s chance to learn how to fill a long summer afternoon for themselves. Boredom can build imagination, resilience and a strong internal life – all important traits for a successful and happy adulthood.

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