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Dream USA destinations for the future

When I was a child, I dreamed of visiting the USA. Of course, Disneyland was top of my list but in those days it seemed out of reach for ordinary families like ours.  It was not things like visa requirements that stopped us then. It was simply a case of not having enough money. We should never give up on our fantasies and I did make it to Disneyland and the other Orlando theme parks with my own son. The opportunity came up so unexpectedly and we had to move fast to sort out things like ESTA and our passports. We had a fantastic mother and son quality time together both trying things outside out comfort zone. So having achieved the Florida dream, here are my dream USA destinations for the future and yes I check out Simon Calder’s travel blog as I always do when it comes to my travel dreams.

Dream USA destinations

I think Hawaii was the first concept I had of those white beaches with crystal clear sea. That vision probably came from a television programme. I find myself intrigued by the culture there and tempted by the amazing food treats on offer. Add Hawaii to my dream USA destinations for sure and bring on those dancing girls.


We have all heard songs like California Girl in our youth. I met one who changed my life in very positive ways. This makes me think it would be fun to go and see where she grew up. I know the children would love it with all that sunshine and friendly beaches.  I can see my younger son loving the water sports and bike rides. My oldest son might join us tempted by the Skyline Safari zip wire at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Whilst we are there we can factor in some home education at the Children’s Discovery Museum where we can learn about agriculture, engineering and artistic expression. Welcome to the Hotel California and all that!

The Deep South

Sometimes we visit a place because someone who means a lot to us never quite made it. It was my late Mum’s dream to visit the Deep South. It was the only USA dream destination on her list. She was attracted by the music and history.  As a cook and foodie, she would have loved investigating the cuisine on offer. I would visit Elvis Presley’s Graceland but you would have found my mum in a bar in Nashville.

New York City

I am not sure why but I have always wanted to visit New York City. I even know that I would like to go for just a few days and to shop a lot. I guess I have seen it in so many films that I want to experience it for myself. I see this USA dream destination as one for myself on my own or possibly with a great female friend or two. Part of me would have liked to have lived there for a year or two. I am sure I will get super-excited when I see my first yellow taxi cab and I think I will be on a high when I achieve this particular dream. Whether you have a friend who lives there or you too have New York on your bucket list giftunicorn have some classy experiences available.


I have to confess to not knowing much about Colorado until relatively recently. A few years ago I started watching True Crime on the television and got a little obsessed with Kenda. Check it out if you are fascinated by crime, forensics and stories. When I visit Colorado, I intend to stay on the right side of the law and to enjoy the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountain National Park. I love rugged and wild landscapes. I guess I will also check out the posh ski-resorts like Aspen and the history of gold-rush towns. I love mountains so Colorado has to be high up my list.

Dream USA destinations

Visa requirements

It is vital to ensure that you check the entry requirements around any country you visit. Do you need a visa? We were in such a rush when planning our first USA trip that the ESTA form took us by total surprise. It makes the process simple whereas I had got myself in such an anxious states about a visa and the like having not travelled overseas and never to the USA.

What are your dream USA destinations for your future holidays?

How good are you at ensuring you have looked into visa requirements and other practical things when it comes to travel?

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