Look after your vision and put your sight first with these 5 simple ideas

Do you struggle with your eyes? Are they tired? Itchy and uncomfortable? Maybe you already have corrective lenses to help with your vision, or you wear contact lenses, but are you really looking after your eyes as much as you could be?

Worryingly, most of us don’t really give our eye health much consideration. Until something goes wrong or we’re experiencing discomfort. Failing to look after our eyes properly could lead to all kinds of vision problems further down the line. So, with this in mind let’s explore how you can look after your vision and put your sight first with these five simple ideas.

Wear your glasses

There are some truly stunning frames available these days and you’ll find a wide range of eyewear at So, whether you prefer retro styles, something brightly coloured or frames that are more conservative and timeless, there really is no excuse not to wear a gorgeous pair of frames that complement your face!

Wearing your new glasses and your prescription lenses means that your eyes will function better and you’ll be able to see clearly. This is vital for your mental health and as a way to reduce eye strain.

Focus on your diet

Eating well isn’t just good for your waistline and brain function, it’s also great for your eyesight! Plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, minerals and vitamins, omegas and of course lots of water can help keep your eyes healthy. There’s so much advice out there to help you maintain a balanced diet and it’s a simple yet effective way to keep your eyes healthy and your vision strong.


We live a digital age where every task usually demands looking at a screen. Blue light emitted from screens can make it difficult for us to sleep, and it can also impact your vision, increasing the risk of macular degeneration. Constantly staring at screens can also result in computer vision syndrome, symptoms which include blurred vision, dry eyes, even neck and shoulder pain.

If you want to preserve your vision and look after your eyes, remember to take regular breaks from your screens. You could also invest in some blue light blocking lenses for your glasses.

Get an eye test

When was the last time you had an eye test? We must have these tests done regularly so an expert can determine if there are any problems before serious issues develop. Did you know that eye tests aren’t just great for monitoring your eye health? They can also be an insight into your general health and provide signs of other diseases and disorders including diabetes and even cancers.

And finally, protect them

Think of UV rays and the first thing we reach for is the sunblock. But did you know that prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can have serious health implications for your eyes as well? If you’re heading out into the sunshine, always bring a pair of sunglasses with UV protection. Remember that even in colder climates the suns’ rays are just as damaging!

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