Reviving Your Smile With Dental Veneers

Reviving your smile with dental veneers

Reviving your smile is possible with dental veneers. This gives me great hope. I used to have lovely teeth so white and with a lovely gap between my two front teeth. Apparently this means you will be a great singer but although I can’t claim that I did have a nice smile.

I look back on old pictures and then compare that smile with what I have today. I actually try not to open my mouth at all when posing for photographs as I hate the way my teeth look. I need to get some money saved, look into Veneers in London and get them fixed to boost my self-confidence.

Reviving your smile with dental veneers

Dental veneers are very thin shells of tooth-coloured materials designsed to cover the front surface of your teeth. That’s the bit people see and the bit I want to change radically. Yes I want the colour of my teeth to change but in some areas there is more damage so changing the shape, size and  length would be a good idea too. Dental veneers make this possible I guess I would need to discuss the right veneers for me with  my dentist but from my research so far porcelain  veneers sound like the better option as they resist stains better and reflect light in a similar way to natural teeth.

Problems with teeth

People who are unhappy with their teeth may have different issues. Discoloration is common especially with so much use of caffeine and alcohol. Some dental treatments such as root canal assistance or fillings can lead to discoloration too.

Sometimes teeth can be worn down as the years pass or even chipped perhaps from assault or accident.

Like me, you might have misaligned teeth. On one side it is as if my teeth have  been forced back a fair way leading to an uneven smile.

Some people have gaps between teeth that they don’t like and veneers can fix this. Mine are sadly the other way and  pushed together.

Getting a dental veneer

It is easy enough to get a dental veneer but takes time usually involving a thorough consultation and then two visits to make up and  apply veneers.

The consultation

As with any other service, this is the key time to talk openly about what changes you would  like to see so the dentist is absolutely clear what results you are looking for. A good dentist will explain the benefits and limitations of any treatment available. They may send you for X-rays and are likely to take impressions of your mouth and teeth.


This involves the dentist removing a small amount of enamel from your tooth. Some people choose to have the area numbed with anaesthetic. The veneers will take a few weeks to prepare but sometimes you can have temporary ones in the meantime.

Do you have experience of reviving your smile with dental veneers?



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