Keeping Your Bed And Mattress Clean
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Keeping your bed and mattress clean

Keeping your bed and mattress clean is something we hear a lot about in the media with horror expressed about the statistics around how often people change in the bed. Here are some tips on how it is relatively simple to keep your bed super-clean and healthy.

  • As with every housework chore, it is important to deal with things quickly. If you spill something on the bed, deal with it immediately even if you are tired because it will be that much easier to tackle. Try to avoid rubbing as this can make things worse and just blot the spillage with a damp cloth.
  • Consider how much paraphernalia you have on your bed. Cushions  and teddy bears may add to a good look but are just extra things to clean. You decide how much cleaning you want to do and make decisions about your interior design with that in mind.
  • Wash all bedding at least once a week. Make it a routine. Housewives of old had days for certain tasks such as baking and you can use this method to ensure those sheets get washed regularly. Read fabric care labels and go for the hottest settings recommended in your battle against the dust mites.
  • Vacuum your mattress taking care the attachments are clean first and giving particular action to tricky edges and corners.
  • If you come across stains, research the benefits and drawbacks of cleaning agents such as hydrogen peroxide and liquid dish soap. Enzyme cleaners are particularly powerful when dealing with yuckier stuff like blood, vomit and urine.
  • Baking powder is your friend when it comes to deodorizing your mattress and you can combine it with an essential oil if aromatherapy is your thing. Leave it on for as long as you practical so that it does its thing more effectively. Oh and using a flour sifter is a great trick for spreading it evenly across the mattress. Now it is time to get the hoover out again to remove the powder from your mattress.
  • Throw open your windows to air the mattress.
  • Moving forwards, flip your mattress regularly, invest in a mattress protector and perhaps some new bedding to celebrate all that domestic goddess like effort.

Keeping your bed  and mattress clean does not actually take too much hard work once you put your mind to it and get into a routine. Sweet dreams!

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  • Rhyming with Wine

    Fab tips Kate. We spend so much of our lives in bed and yet we probably spend far less time cleaning our beds than we do our bathrooms. Love the essential oils idea! Thanks for linking up to #DreamTeam x

  • Anthony James

    Getting an important idea about keeping clean your bed. Many important and essential things for all mattress user. I have a mattress and really want to know which cleaning process is better to water cleaning or dry cleaning?

  • RaisieBay

    I love leaving the windows open on a bare mattress, it seems to really freshen it up. I do like to vacuum the mattress occasionally too. There is nothing nicer than a clean fresh bed and these are great tips.

  • Lisa Pomerantz

    Okay, so if my ever so sweet pooch, Gatsby, happened to have peed on the bed, and it saturated through to the mattress, what am I to do! I hate that damned spot! Thank you! #thatfridaylinky xoxo

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