Uses For Rope In Your Garden
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Uses For Rope In Your Garden

Rope has a magical quality I think presumably because it has stood the test of time. Can you remember the ropes we climbed at school? I hated them but always loved rope itself quite possibly because my Dad was a sailor. Rope can also give a natural and attractive look to your garden. Here are 5 uses for rope in your garden.

Uses for rope in your garden

Anything that gets children outside willingly to play has to be a good thing. Rope swings are an old favourite and will tempt your kids away from their screens. That is great for their physical and mental wellbeing. Safety is paramount of course and even once installed, you should check the rope and fittings for your swing regularly. If you take advice you can ensure hours of fun for your kids without damaging the tree itself.


I think it is high time I had a hammock. I am sure it would encourage me to read  more and vitally to take a break and relax. Rope comes into its own with hammocks and now would be a very good time for me to remember all those great knots my father taught me about in my childhood.

Supporting plants

Some plants are fragile or a bit straggly and require a degree of training to look their best. Rope can help with plants like sweet peas. Tomato plants are another example. You can add to your display of colour with vibrant ropes.

Decking design

I love the idea of using rope to create a balustrade on your garden decking. It reminds me a little of when you visit stately homes and know the best stuff is hidden away behind the rope barriers.

Other uses for rope in your garden

If you are creative, you can come up with so many ideas for how to make the most of rope in your garden. It can be used to separate off areas perhaps creating a special area for your children to take charge of. You can use it for flower bed borders, ladders, staircases, bridges and so much more..

Do you have other suggestions for uses of rope in your garden?


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