Ways To Get Back Into Cycling

5 Ways to get back into cycling for your wellbeing

We know cycling is good for our physical health. We know that getting out and about also boosts our mental wellbeing. Many of us have really fond memories of biking as children and teenagers. When was the last time you were on a bike? Today I am sharing 5 ways to get back into cycling to improve fitness, make friends or perhaps just get a little headspace.

Get back into cycling with others

Cycling may feel a little daunting to do on your own. Ask friends, family and colleagues if they would like to join you. The British Cycling Association runs various group rides including ones for women only if that appeals to you.  Group rides result in new friends as well as that vital boost to your health.

Sign up for a challenge

You could set personal targets for your return to cycling perhaps saying how far you will travel or how many times a week you will get on your bike. It can also be very motivating to take part in a charity ride raising vital funds for good causes.

Get the right equipment

If you are serious about returning to cycling, you should consider what equipment will suit your current needs best. If you have balance or mobility issues, cycling is still possible if you consider things like Adult Tricycles from Jorvik. Also make sure you consider your personal safety and wear high-visibility clothing and a helmet.

Get Back Into Cycling

Incorporate cycling into every day

It is possible to make cycling part of your everyday life. It certainly makes for a more pleasant commute than standing on a crowded train or being stuck in a traffic jam. Make your cycling fit your individual circumstances and it can become a daily habit.

Cycling adventures

As you become a more advanced cyclist, you can investigate new biking adventures.  Mountain biking is relatively well known but have you heard of things like para-cycling?

Do you have any great ideas for cycling trips?











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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to get back into cycling for your wellbeing”

  1. I have just started cycling, since moving house just over 10 weeks ago. I am loving it. I am out cycling at least a couple of times a week with the kids and sometimes I will nip to the shop or to the post office on my bike. It’s way better than walking well until it comes to going up hills. x

  2. It’s been years since I got on a bike but we are getting some mountain bikes so we can all go out on them. Wish me luck! Haha
    Have a wonderful weekend lovely lady x

  3. I haven’t cycled for many years but i have recently got into jogging which i find helps my wellbeing.
    We’re off to Center Parcs soon so may end up doing a bit of cycling there. #BloggerClubUK

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