Staying active when over 55 the easy way

Staying active when over 55 years of age is important. I am in my fifties now and have realised that I am needed less these days by my husband and teenage children. They do their own thing and I need to work out what I want to do. I have taken time over the last couple of years to become more active. As a result I have lost weight which is pleasing as that obviously makes me much healthier. I also realise that the more exercise I do the better I feel emotionally.  Once I have finished my exercise session,  I can enjoy a refreshing shower. My research tells me staying active also reduces cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Let’s look at easy ways to introduce activity into your daily routine.

Staying active when over 55

I used to walk a lot until I was in my late twenties. This was partly because I did not have a driving licence so relied on my legs to get me from A to B. When I met my husband I bought him a car as he was looking for work and I thought it would help with that. Soon we were walking less and driving more. In the last two years I have enjoyed regular walks in the forest with my children and dogs.This has made me fitter and I can walk long distances now which was not always the case. Walking with others gives quality time to reflect and to chat. Walking is free to do and brings such physical and mental benefits. It is accessible whether you live in a city or in the countryside. Most of us walk every day and walking is one of those activities that you can build up and get better at the more you do it. Once you feel happy walking, you can start a gentle jog and may end up doing a marathon in due course.

Exercise classes

I have not attended exercise classes fearful that I looked too fat or did not have the right gear. I think been bullied about my lack of sporting prowess at school had long-term effects. However, as I am older and wiser now, I would not rule out going in the future. The benefit of exercise classes is that they become part of your regular routine and you can make new friends. So you get physically fitter whilst also feeling less isolated. It is always worth having a health check with your GP before signing up to a class or doing any exercise that is different from what you usually do.


Housework in my view can be so boring. However, I find if you turn on some loud music and dance like nobody is watching you can make it into a fun exercise routine. You might even find that if you appear to be having a laugh whilst cleaning, your partner and children might just join in.

Staying active when over 55 behind closed doors

You can find exercise classes on DVD if you really do not want to attend a class in public. Some people are shy and some are just not in circumstances where travel is easy.  Find a DVD that suits you whether that is yoga, Pilates or aerobics.  You can do things at your own pace and never carry on if you feel in pain or discomfort.

Other exercise ideas

My parents used to go dancing regularly. Many people say that gardening keeps them fit and well. You can dance, swim or go wild and have a go on the trampoline. There are so many options available. It is about recognising the benefits of exercise and then finding types that you really enjoy so you stick to them in the long-term. Start with just 10 minutes and build up to 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise per week.

Do you have any tips on staying active over when over 55?

I was recently commissioned by Bathing Solutions to give my thoughts on the topic of staying active when over 55 years of age.

Staying Active Over The Age Of 55






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